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Wink Naturals Toothpaste

Welcome, Faithful Reader! Oral care consumer and fan, you are in for a treat: If you’ve ever heard of Winks Naturals and its unique type of toothpaste offered, and have always wanted to explore it just a bit deeper, then this is your time! Wink Naturals Toothpaste is a great option if you want to clean your teeth. Keep reading to make yourself a bit more informed and aware, as the responsible consumer of top brands that you are, and you will be truly enlightened --- read on!!!!!

The Brand

Unlike the larger brands out there, this one is respectably fighting to survive ---- it holds its own, and it does so quite well, no less. Having officially launched into business just a few short years ago, Wink Naturals has quickly done all it can to both market, sell, and further promote all that it offers ---- its online consumer base is steadily growing, as is its revenue stream, in turn. So one good thing follows another, as they say.

Wink Naturals Toothpaste: The Products

There are a lot of different products from this company but we are going to mostly focus on the toothpaste. We’re actually talking about the teething gel that they offer.

Wink Naturals Cool Gums Teething Gel

Wink Naturals only offers one form of toothpaste, and that is this teething gel originally designed for babies and small infants, but this does not mean people of other ages cannot try it as well. In fact, executives of this business have declared that it is a mutually beneficial product to all who use it; any toothpaste that carries wholesome, organic ingredients within it will do well in anyone’s mouth and body overall ---- and that’s not just positive, wishful thinking but actual fact. Now let’s have a look at this teething gel toothpaste a bit further. Hang onto your seats; it’s a bumpy ride ahead, but we mean that in a good way…..

This product is both doctor recommended and tastes great in the mouth, to begin with. It offers a sweet mint taste that can’t compare to anything you’ve ever tried before. Doctors originally designed it for use on those with the most tender gums --- hence, babies. You’ll like the next part even more, especially if you’re half the “health nut” I am: The product is 100% drug free, only using clinically proven, naturally proven ingredients in all aspects! How committed it is to one’s long-term oral health, indeed!

Furthermore, it doesn’t even contain minimal trace amounts of additives or preservatives. It truly is pure and wholesome in every way. Let’s face it: Babies are highly sensitive, intensely vulnerable creatures who are in the primal years of their formation and only need good elements in their food, drink, oral care and all else ---- and that is why a product like this one also strays from using belladonna, benzocaine, lidocaine, clove oil, and other similar ingredients that are both highly toxic and pose numerous health risks.

The gel applies well on irritated mouths, braces, nursing mothers needing soothing, those learning to use a toothbrush and toothpaste for the very first time, and even others with highly sensitive teeth or who are recovering from dental surgery. It serves many functions as you can tell. The full list of benefits it truly offers is perhaps even yet to be discovered. The gel paste contains glycerin, water, xylitol, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, cellulose gum, menthol, mentha piperita (otherwise more famously known as the favorite of many, peppermint oil!), polyglyceryl-10 laurate, as a natural emulsifier, and some other unique flower and root extracts used as soothing agents mainly to reduce highly swelled areas. These last two fall under the traditional names of chamomilla recutita (matricaria) flower extract and glycyrrhiza uralensis (licorice), which is a root extract.

The leaf juice used is purely taken from aloe vera. It’s a naturally sourced derivative. This makes it more untampered and --- ultimately --- more potent.

As you may have already guessed, the menthol and peppermint oil ingredients are used mainly as soothing agents as well as for breath and oral refreshment as a whole. Just remember not to apply the product onto any sores or open wounds as it may sting terribly, due to the peppermint oil and other ingredients. It is not intended as a First Aid alternative, but mainly as a toothpaste; remember that. Want to know what else is extremely, insanely interesting about this unique toothpaste gel? You’ll never guess.

I’ll tell you now: If a baby, infant or child were --- by mere coincidence --- to swallow down the entire tube of gel, they would be just fine. Apply that scenario to any other type of modern toothpaste, especially the mainstream brands that contain fluoride and highly toxic chemicals and additives, and you have a different outcome altogether. But with this product, it’s perfectly okay since all the ingredients are very safe and used in minimal concentrations; the Wink Naturals team has said so itself, adding all further details on the product here on this page ---- read through it when you have some time. In addition, you’ll also find that both the menthol and peppermint ingredients have been highly diluted for the safe ingestion of children or adults alike.

Wink Naturals Toothpaste: The Results

The product’s reviews are growing quickly. We mean the increasingly positive ones. That’s what over 95% of them are. This says everything.

Since we’ve now just seen all that this unmatched teething gel type of toothpaste can do for your baby, or even for yourself (should you choose to take advantage of its benefits), we can safely say it’s one of its kind. And that’s a good thing. It works to restore and balance teeth and gums, as well as keep them safe and healthy, at all times. Just remember to brush, floss and rinse daily. Enjoy!

The Final Word

If all that has just been described here has been to your liking, then this product may be a good fit for you. But if you’re still not quite sure if that’ll be the case, then just order one pair for $17.99 online, which comes with two tubes you can try out. If you end up not liking it or going with something else entirely, you’ll at least know that product was not the best suit for your oral needs --- and you’ll have walked away with a new experience. Give it a shot to see if it’s worth your while; it can’t hurt to try.