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Why Do Dentures Cause Thrush?

Author : Efrain S.

Oral thrush is a real problem that a whole lot of people go through, to be quite frank. And yes, it is common in those who pick up dentures, and one of the reasons for this is due to the fact that dentures sort of suppress a certain part of your mouth that is actually a sensitive one and vulnerable to getting disease or bacteria right in through the mouth, where the dentures can sit at. They suppress your saliva glands and can even, in many cases, give you some gag reflex issues, not to mention burping ( which I specifically target in another blog of mine, which you ought to read into sometime, he he he heh ) . You are open to infection if you do not clean the dentures, one cause of this thrush as well, so soak them every night. But also, your immune system is overall just a little bit more compromised when you wear these, too, and you can get dry mouth and other infections…. there is always the risk.

But now that I say that, on a very drastic and similar note, I must add that those who have a weakened or vulnerable or suppressed sort of immune system or immune response are very likely victims for oral thrush, by the way. Did you know that? Have you thought on it before? And I’ll really pick your brain, he heh…. keep reading, please…..

Now, then, not only these types of people, but also babies and elderly folks, are quite vulnerable to getting oral thrush. It can affect healthy individuals as well but much more rarely ( and when it does, it comes on only as a minor, very – manageable issue, all in all, so no big deal there ) . There is also another group of people who are quite at risk for getting oral thrush, and do you want to know who it is? I know you do, of course…. it’s those people on anti – biotics. Yes, that is right. Anti – biotics users are at risk for this, and I am now about to explain why : These sort of pharmaceutical, chemical and super toxic / un – natural and in – organic pills ( you can really tell I hate them, he he he heh, but for a good reason as they are super bad for you ) disturb your body’s in – built natural microorganisms, thereby resulting in this oral thrush.

Denture – wearers can fit any and all of these groups of people mentioned, thereby increasing the risk of contraction. Since I mentioned dentures open the mouth more than is needed, and consume some of the saliva and cause dry mouth, all in all, your oral immune system is weakened just a bit further. It’s like with plastic retainers, too, for instance, the toxic plastic living in your mouth at all times and giving you swelling, oral bacteria, and much more… same concept here.