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Theodent 300 - Why You Need It

By: Your One and Only, Online Dental Expert - Writer, Mr. Efrain E. Silva!

This type of tooth – paste packs its powerful punch in our world, and you have likely heard is name circulating around some grocery stores or online sites, I am sure. Have you not? Anyways, whether you have or not, I will help make you familiar with it just a bit further and tell you all that I can tell you. So let’s begin.

First of all, you can see the product for yourself right here and now, and boy oh boy, is it a beauty to behold, as they say —- Theodent 300 Toothpaste – Theodent Toothpaste

It is an extra – strength type of tooth – paste that is totally free of even the sound of the word ‘fluoride’…. eeech. It screeches its own ears at the very sound of such a word. He heh. You get the idea here, I am sure…. it hates fluoride and does not even contain a single hint of a drop of it, which is good. And this, if for no other reason, is the reason that you ought to think on buying some Theodent, or heck, any tooth – paste that is fluoride – free…. for your very own health and safety, of course. And I do mean both physically and mentally, and even in terms of gut health, all in all. I am not kidding with you here, folks. And as a matter of fact, I will show you even further —– studies have correlated fluoride intake, whether by food consumption, oral ingestion ( as in through tooth – paste ) , or even olfactory ( smelling it in the air ) with all kinds of physical ailments, much in regards to stomach and bladder problems, all in all. And not only that, they have likewise correlated a vast array of mental health problems back to this very root cause as well. Fluoride is a chemically – made ingredient produced in a factory, synthetic. It is not good, not natural and organic for your body. So stay away.

You will also need a tooth – paste like this one, anyways, simply because it contains both chocolate and mint in it… how cool is that? But wait. There is more —- they are, as a fact, made of the organic kind. So organic chocolate and mint. Only the best, if I can say so myself.

This rare and limited tooth – paste has gone through an intense extraction and production process, all in all. And it can not just be bought in any store, mind you. It is only available in certain dentists offices or medical practices selling them… or of course, you can get it exclusively at that link I had showed you just 3 paragraphs up ( up - scroll if you need to, he he he heh ) .

For a completely non – toxic type of tooth – paste, get it now. It’s $100 well – spent. Quality matters.