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Fixodent Stuck To Roof Of Mouth

Author : Efrain S.

After pulling off your dentures, it can sometimes be a real pain in the ass to actually even try to remove any adhesive Fixodent from off the roof of your mouth…. not to mention it can also stick to some of your gums, as well, during this time, which makes for more work and hassle for you in having to un – do the damage, so to speak. So what can you really do? I am so glad you are asking us! Read, read, and read!!!!

Now first of all, I am going to point you out to this fact — use plain warm water, or heck, even a mouthwash mixed in with it, to rinse away your mouth. Scope is a great mouthwash that I like to buy from time to time, by the way, in case you need a good brand to go off of ( add it to your shopping list before you forget to, he he he heh ) . It helps the adhesive to slowly but surely dissolve itself and you will need to be a bit patient depending on how stuck it really is inside your mouth’s roof. It can take a bit of a while, so bring a book or your phone while in wait. Brush your gums circularly, in other words, using like a circular motion ( and if you can, it is best to use soft bristles and a toothbrush with a soft handle, for a better grip and feel, but as for the tooth paste you use, it can really be any that you have, he heh he heh ) . Doing so circularly will, first of all, take that plaque right out, not to mention increase the circulation in the roof of your mouth. Once things can rightly start moving around, then that adhesive will start to fall off.

Now then, at that point, if you feel at all comfortable with doing so, you can take a quick gulp as well… swallowing, and saliva itself, further loosens the adhesive. You might even be swallowing a little bit of it, in the process, taking it off further and further from being stuck in the roof of your mouth. And do not worry — no — swallowing a little bit will not kill you, I promise. It has never killed me, and I have likely swallowed down on some more times than I may recall, he heh. It is just a part of the process. Try not to pick at the remaining Fixodent adhesive you notice still stuck on your mouth’s roof as this can irritate your gums and internal oral areas as a whole. Do not pinch or pull it, either….. in either case, as you make regular oral movements, like talk, swallow, eat, etc, it will all eventually come off over time. So just be patient and know that the Fixodent will not be stuck to you for the rest of time, he heh.