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10 Ways To Whiten Teeth In A Day And Keep Healthy Gums

Author : Efrain S.

Get that baking soda out and use it to properly brush them, through and through!

Baking soda, as you might have already come to find out, is super popular for this. It is a natural whitener and cleaner as well. It loves your mouth. Make good use of it.

Try some hydrogen peroxide while you are thinking on whitening

It’s a bleaching agent…. what more need I say here, he heh? It naturally whitens. It naturally murders bacteria ( yes, murders, as it it “fully kills it off like a mad assassin”, he heh…. perhaps I have been playing too much Assassin’s Creed these days, he he he heh ) .

Have you thought of some apple cider vinegar? It works, too.

It’s a great dis – infectant. It’s a great cleansing agent. It’s a great bacteria – assassin, too. ‘Nuff said.

But also, be sure to keep this one in moderation — too much use of it, like with anything else you use, really, can be so bad. It can erode your enamel, not to mention make those teeth of yours softer, weaker and more exposed, all in all. So keep it in balance!

Activated charcoal is your buddy as well

This is easy to use and cheap to buy, so we have a double – win there, as I like to call it. And it is becoming, more and more, a solution used, these days. It whitens up your teeth, it kills the very thought of bad breath, and it gets rid of plaque and bacteria. So get some.

How about some powdered milk & toothpaste?

Well, you might think of me as a psycho for suggesting this one, but hold your horses…. there is a method to my madness here, he heh. What I mean is that you ought to put a teeny bit of this milk right on your toothpaste and its brush. It works.

The baking soda + coconut oil combo ( he heh )

Coconut oil pulling is what I am talking about here, and you might have already heard of the method. If not, Google videos on how to do it. It is one of my fave approaches here. Your teeth can get, as they call it, both “whiter and brighter”. And gum diseases or growing internal oral bacteria will have to leave your mouth and find another home, he heh.

A special whitening toothpaste that is worth a holler

Make your own sort of essential whitening toothpaste, if you are up for it — just get some baking soda, some cinnamon bark oil, some other oils ( like spear – mint / pepper – mint / coconut oil, for instance ) . Mix them all equally to create this solution, and brush up no less than two times a day with it.

Turmeric toothpaste?

Turmeric toothpaste is something not a whole lot of people, as I have seen, seem to be talking about, but it really does work and work well. Get some spear – mint oil, some coconut oil ( some pepper – mint oil, as well, if you want to throw it in there ) , and some powdered turmeric. Mix it all up, nice and good, like you’re a vicious witch brewing forth a hot cauldron, with which ( or should I say, ‘witch’, he heh ) you will boil your mortal enemies and eat them alive, he heh. Just kidding.

Baking soda – strawberry paste combo?

Now, what in the green earthly heck am I talking about here, you might think? Well, let me explain a little more : Here you are going to want to crush those strawberries to make them into paste and then mix with some baking soda. Simple and easy, is it not? Hah. So it is. And it works so well. Spread it right on your teeth and don’t be shy — leave it on for no less than five minutes ( bring a timer, he heh ) , then rinse and brush regularly to avoid clinging strawberry residue.

Some banana peels

These are rich in manganese, as you might have already come to learn in the past, not to mention potassium ( and even magnesium, too, he heh ) . Your teeth basically absorb these minerals on their own, and it so – naturally whitens them. Easy fix! Rub the inside ( not the outside, ha ha hah ) of the banana peel right on your teeth, gently but firmly, for at least 2 good minutes. Then brush it off with your usual toothpaste…. simple and done. These banana peels can also treat acne, relieve numerous pains, and do so much more, so do not under – estimate them for one second!

Fully whitening?

Now I want to bring this very next point to your attention and train of thought, as well — regardless of which of these approaches you want to go with, in the end, you ought to keep in mind the simple matter that it all comes back to that well – known“time on teeth” principle. Remember to keep them on for as long as I have suggested here, and do not rinse or brush off until the minimum amount of time has really passed…. it can require a bit of patience on your part but is worth it.

Final thoughts

I will leave you with this, to think about : We have all seen hot celebrities and popular TV stars, for instance, smiling and showing forth those amazing pearly whites in true, flaw – less fashion. But we have all not likely stopped to think on how their teeth got there or how we can do the same to care for our own pearly whites, he heh. So with that in mind, I will ask you to remember to always follow these techniques and stay orally – healthy! In doing so, you will make a better image for yourself.