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Best Toothbrush For Infants

By: Your One and Only, Online Dental Expert - Writer, Mr. Efrain E. Silva!

Goo - goo, gaa - gaa…. oh, we love our infants! And what can be better for them, I ask, than when we get them the right type of a tooth – brush that they can actually benefit from? I think nothing is better at all. They need our help and support, which is why I have taken it on me to write this. Please enjoy and pass this on….

Now, then, to start you off with, I will throw in this true fact : I have talked about a fussy toddler tooth – brush before, one that I agree is ideal for them…. but I have not quite gotten the chance to touch on another favorite ( and there are, as a matter of fact, so many ones that I have used in my babies and toddlers before, when they were very little, he he he heh ) …. and one that so many infants love, and it is this : Dr. Brown’s Infant-to-Toddler Toothbrush, Giraffe: Beauty

Dr. Brown makes a $4 infant – to – toddler type of tooth – brush that is just out of this world. It’s this one, of course. And if the price for the quality alone does not blow your mind, my friend, then I do not know what else on this good earth ever could, to be frank, ha ha ha hah hah…. this is the cheapest tooth – brush I have ever witnessed in my life, or at least, for a toddler…. and it is no less effective or quality – made / user – friendly. I love every single thing about it that I could come up with a book for you, just talkin about that ( hey…. now, there is an idea, he he he heh…. we shall see when I have the time to take on such an endeavor, hmm…. ) .

The bristles are softer than soft on this, which is just what any infant will value. And in fact, they are even softer than mainstream “soft bristles” that you find on adult tooth – brushes, which says a whole heck of a lot in terms of safety and sensitivity / care for your toddler’s or infant’s needs. Got you hooked yet, ready to buy one, then? Wait. Let me tell you some more great stuff, shall I?

It’s a comfort – grip handle that comes on the tooth – brush. Any small infant can hold it with such ease and joy. It’s made to be held and played with, even, as a toy ( we know how those infants can get sometimes, he he he heh ) . The material on both the brush and the handle is super – soft, too, softer than basic plastic, I will even add…. so the most sensitive little mouths will have no trouble, even if they bump into any part of it. Talk about a tooth – brush that covers all bases!