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What If I Can’T Afford New Retainers?

By: Your One and Only, Online Dental Expert - Writer, Mr. Efrain E. Silva!

I would LOVE to talk on this topic today and have thought on doing so for quite some time now, guys and gals. And the reason for such a motivation and passion for such a topic is simply this…. I have literally been aching to share with the world that they are not alone and that they have some bountiful resources at their disposal any time and just need to know how to make good on them…. first of all, knowing where they are and such, too. Now, if you can not afford brand – spanking – new retainers, mind you, then just simply know that this is not the end of the world…. at all….. as a matter of fact, it is a new and joyous adventure in which you get to go and research some out – of – cost / out – of – pocket types of providers that can tailor to meet the need. They can even order and make the retainer and fit it in your mouth, not to mention take the first – needed work like x – rays and all that other fun stuff… and they work with your budget or can help you come up with a plan to re – pay them. Many also do it as non – profit businesses run by the city, state or federal government…. did you know that?

As a matter of fact, to happily add to that, you do not even need to have any form of dental insurance for such types of providers, if you can not afford to have even that. Nope, many do walk – in appointments and fittings and all else…. while accepting out – of – pocket cash or checks as your form for payment. Is that not cool?

There is also, if you have thought of this and are very good with your hands and building stuff, a DIY APPROACH. DIY just stands for something we all like to call, in the modern age, “DO IT YOURSELF, GOOFUS!” ( But I added in that last word, for humor…. he he he heh…. goofus is not included in the acronym, as you probably already know…. but I’m just a goof – ball myself, for adding it in, I guess, he he he heh ) …..

Now, with a DIY approach, you are going to need to still get all the materials. But there are a lot of free materials on sites like Free Cycle or even Craigslist. So you can start there and ask around, browsing the “free listings”, to notice just how much crap we as an American people like to throw away every single week… and you have heard the saying, have you not, folks? One man’s junk is…. help me out here, if you know it…. ANOTHER MAN’S TREASURE. You can get free porcelain, metal wires, plastic, and so much else… and then see You Tube vids on how to make retainers with it all.