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How Long Do You Wear Retainers?

By: Your One and Only, Online Dental Expert - Writer, Mr. Efrain E. Silva!

I remember being told to wear mine for no less than 3 months and no more than 6 months when in full – time – mode, as I like to call it. That means non – stop. Yes, it can be a pain and a drag to do it when you are first getting used to the dang things being in your mouth, in the first place, but if you really want to fix your teeth in the long run, you are going to have no other choice but to wear them faithfully and not think about the dis – comfort ( which, of course, you do get used to…. it becomes like 2nd nature, anyways ) . But it can be hard in the adjustment process, I know…. that first week, for me, was the toughest of all. Then after that first month or so, I really got used to just always having my retainers in and counting down the days til’ that would no longer be the case, he he he heh heh. So I have been through the dark tunnel and been through to the other side, my dear friend, and can tell you that you can no less do the same…. I believe in you. If I could do it, then you can, as well. You’ve got the power, like the old song goes! The power of determination, and the power of the will….

Now keep in mind that your teeth will constantly be moving. A mesial drift ( weird term, eh? ) is what some people refer to as this constant moving process. And what retainers basically just help to do is keep your teeth ‘retained’ ( he he he heh…. see what I did there? ) where they need to be as this happens. Hence, retainers, for proper placement and teeth correction, are not really optional. But they don’t have to be an eternal brag…. like I said, you will get used to them, at some point, and find out both what works for you and what does not work for you. So patience, young padawan. You can do it!

The importance of sticking to that initial 3 – 6 months is so crucial. Because, you may not see it now, but when you really start to age ( and get past those golden 40’s and 50’s, as they call them, he he he heh ) , your teeth will either move drastically where they should not…. or they will retain their course, if you were faithful in using those retainers. So it’s a matter of discipline, persistence, perserverance, devotion, whatever word you would like to use here ( and the dictionary’s chalk – full of ‘em, he he he heh ) . Get the point? You need to stick it out!

Don’t give up. You can do it. Just remember to clean the retainers faithfully as well. I believe in you!