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Sonicare Reset

Author : Efrain S.

Sonicare Reset Quick Steps:

In this case, since there is such little data online on how to do this, and I think this may have even been done on purpose to make you more needy for help and incur another purchase, he heh, you will need to reach out to Sonicare directly to see what is going on if you cannot reset your toothbrush the same way you always do…. whether it is stuck in its current mode, does not turn off or on, or whatever else, more specifically, the problem might come down to. Be what it may, they will take it apart, have a thorough look on the inside, and tell you with precision what the problem was, attempt to fix it or just replace it…. and then having you smiling once more, he heh. But it did surprise me, now that I mention it, that there was such little information on the web as to why, how, when this happens and how to go about solving it. So like I said, I think Sonicare wants you to only go to them directly to get this data and help ( and they may or may not charge you extra for the help, at that point, or try to sell you another product, like the business men and women that they really are, he he he heh ) .

Look at the indicator light, which blinks and flashes, or just stays in a neutral, lighted color ( to tell you that the toothbrush has been now turned on, is turned off, and much more depending on its status ) when attempting to reset —- does it come on and then turn off? Does nothing happen? Does it stay neutral? Etc…. these are some of the things you ought to jot down and explain in further detail ( more detail helps them assess this better ) when presenting your problem to the reps at Sonicare. Remember that the more you can show them, in regards to the problem, the better equipped that they will ultimately be when trying to find you the solution. You may not to be on hold, for a bit longer than the usual time, if you are contacting them by online chat or by phone, of course…. during this COVID crisis, the wait times are generally known to be a heck of a lot longer. But who knows? You might get lucky and only be placed as “12th person in line” as you wait for 11 others to get serviced before you. Tough times.

If the blue tooth on this toothbrush also has trouble pairing, this may be an issue in which re – setting is more than likely able to fix the problem. But then again, if you can’t reset or are stuck in reset, what can you really do? Call the experts. Be willing to wait and give all the details that you have noticed regarding this issue.