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How Long do Metal Dentures Last?

Author : Efrain E. Silva

You are probably wondering how long your metal dentures are supposed to last. Either that or you are thinking about what material to use and are trying to compare the advantages and disadvantages.

Answer: Metal dentures should last anywhere from 5 to 8 years. This depends upon how well you take care of them.

Well, friend, you went in and got the metal denture and are wondering how long until you have to get a new one. Let me just say this : Every dental business is a business and will usually find a way to keep you coming back in for more…that is why every dentist you talk to will so often say that dental work is a life - time commitment, as are your teeth. So on that note, please do know that, they do need to keep an income coming in regularly, so your quality - metal denture is, in fact, at some point, going to need to be replaced. Now, based on who you got doing the job, that can cost different ranges of amounts, all in all. But I want to, either way, give you a general idea so that you can at least have a figure or time - frame in your head….

So, when it comes down to it, assuming that your metal dentures have been made with cobalt chrome, the best there is (and what most are made from, these days, anyhow), you are looking at at least 5 years as the very minimum but at most 8 years. So take very good care of them, and you can find yourself closer to that 8 - year max range, all in all. Aim high. The say the same time range, more or less, applies to partial plastic ones (as a side note to keep in mind, if you should want to go with plastic instead, but I urge you not to, in case you’ve read my other blog on it telling you just why to stick with metal).

If you’ve been using them a lot for 5 years straight, on another note, you might note the teeth starting to chip away or corrode just a bit. The dentures themselves can partially start to break and those metal wires / clasps begin to come apart or not hold as well as usual. That is a sure - tale sign that it is time to get some fresh metal dentures in there. If you’ve got a nice pair of full, metal dentures in there (instead of partial metal dentures), then you might also be looking at 7- 10 years as these work together from top to bottom to help each other with the support….I was surprised to find this out, myself, but it is what many have said on the matter. And to replace a new partial metal denture alone, though, on another note entirely, you are looking at about $750 (assuming you’re replacing a cobalt chrome one, too). Let me share with you how you can extend your metal dentures’ life - time…..

To help get to that higher mark in their life - time, start by cleaning every single day. Take them out before bed - time. Use an extra (not your regular) toothbrush that’s unused just for brushing them gently, preferably one that’s soft - bristled.