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Uncle Harry’s Toothpaste

Uncle Harry’s provides an interesting assortment of natural products. Many of these products are toothpaste and all of them are excellent quality. They also provide several different related products such as tooth powder and tooth suds. Not everything that they produce is related to dental care but today we are going to focus on the things that are.

Uncle Harry’s products are organic. Their goal is to use natural ingredients that have been processed as little as possible. Everything they produce is vegetarian but also doesn’t include soy or gluten. Each product is also dairy free. Nothing they sell is ever tested on animals. They have a goal of being earth-friendly as well.

Uncle Harry’s Toothpaste

They provide five different toothpastes flavors of toothpaste. Besides the flavor, each one is basically the same thing. Flavor is mostly added using different types of essential oils but also cinnamon and oregano.

Uncle Harry’s toothpaste comes in 3oz glass jars.

They do NOT include SLS, triclosan, fluoride, carrageenan, glycerin, gluten, or artificial sweeteners.

They freshen breath and remineralize teeth.

They help to maintain an alkaline pH, which is natural.

Neutralize acids and bacteria.

Calcium and other minerals help to strengthen teeth.

The essential oils aren’t just for flavor. They kill bacteria very effectively.

The core ingredients are bentonite clay, calcium carbonate, ionic minerals, mustard seed, sea salt, and colloidal silver water.

The essential oil ingredients are: peppermint, wintergreen, spearmint, cinnamon, eucalyptus, clove, anise, and oregano.

These are the flavors/variations they have:

Uncle Harry’s Tooth Powder

They also have tooth powder. They have three different choices to pick from. They have regular, all natural tooth powder. They also have children’s tooth powder and unscented powder. The unscented version doesn’t include essential oils.

Similar to their toothpaste, it only all natural ingredients. They don’t have artificial flavors, colors, or foaming agents. They don’t even include baking soda. It is meant to be PH balancing They avoid anything synthetic.

What is tooth powder?

It is similar to toothpaste except that it comes in a powder form. In the past it used to be more common for people to use tooth powder. Today people generally prefer paste because it is more convenient. A powder requires a bit more effort to apply to a toothbrush. You would first wet the brush and then sprinkle some powder on it. Using a paste makes this way easier.

What ingredients are included?

Like Uncle Harry’s toothpaste, the tooth powder also does NOT include SLS, triclosan, fluoride, carrageenan, glycerin, gluten, or artificial sweeteners.

It does contain natural chalk ( calcium carbonate ), sea salt, mustard seed powder, and essential oils. The essential oils include peppermint, clove, wintergreen, eucalyptus, and oregano.

Uncle Harry’s Brushing Soap Tooth Suds

This is another excellent, high quality, all natural product from Uncle Harry.

Tooth suds are soap used for brushing your teeth. You might be thinking, “How is that different from toothpaste?”. Tooth suds aren’t just any substance that you brush your teeth with. This stuff is basically soap. It is very similar to what you might wash your hands with. The primary ingredient is castile soap which is actually used for all types of washing.

Beyond the basic ingredient of castile soap it also includes purified ocean water, ionic minerals, and essential oils for flavor. It comes in four different flavors. Each flavor is adding using a different essential oil.

The flavors include:

Tooth Whitening Products

Uncle Harry also provides a couple different tooth whitening products. The first is just called “Tooth Whitener”. It comes in a tiny little 0.6oz / 20g bottle. The ingredients are all natural just like all of their other products. It doesn’t have SLS, fluoride, triclosan, or any of that other stuff. The ingredients include natural chalk ( calcium carbonate ), myrrh, lemon peel, white oak bark, and lemon essential oils.

When you start seeing things like white oak bark among the ingredients, you know they are serious about being all natural. To use it, you basically start with a pinch of the powder. You need to scoop that up onto your toothbrush and just brush your teeth with it.

The second tooth whitening product they have is called “Whitening Toothpaste Polish”. This product comes in a tiny glass jar. You can choose from a 1.25oz jar and a 2.5oz jar. It is meant to whiten your teeth without increasing sensitivity. It does this using pumice which is mildly abrasive. Beyond whitening, it balances the PH in your mouth, remineralizes your enamel, and freshens your breath.

You basically just scoop it out of the jar and brush with it. The ingredients include pumice, calcium carbonate, bentonite clay, colloidal silver water, ionic minerals, sea salt, mustard seed, and essential oils. The oils included are spearmint, peppermint, clove, oregano, wintergreen, and eucalyptus.

Remineralization Products

They have a few remineralization products too. This was pretty interesting as these are dedicated to remineralizing your teeth.

Remineralization Powder

They have a remineralization powder that comes in both peppermint flavor and unscented varieties. It kills bacteria and increases the alkaline PH in your mouth. It uses calcium, magnesium, and other ingredients to strengthen your enamel.

The ingredients included are:

It’s really interesting to see ingredients like “organic marshmallow root”. They aren’t just using regular marshmallow roots but the organic variety. If that isn’t an obscure enough natural ingredient, they also include magnetic earth. I’m not sure if that counts as natural or not but it is definitely not something I would have expected to find in a tooth product.

To use the powder, you basically just put a pinch of it in your mouth and swish it around with your saliva. This is a little bit different from how some of their other products work and definitely different from how standard toothpaste or mouthwash would be used.

Remineralization Liquid

The second remineralization product comes in liquid form. It comes in a glass bottle with a little dropper. This is probably a little bit easier to use. You just put ten drops in your mouth and swish it around with your saliva.

The ingredients for the remineralization liquid are different as well. Even the essential oils used aren’t all the same. It doesn’t contain many of the more interesting ingredients found in the powder version.

Here is what they include:

Remineralization Kits

They also have a couple options for remineralization kits. For one of the kits, they provide the remineralization liquid combined with their miracle mouthwash and their all natural tooth powder.

For the other kit, they provide the liquid together with their miracle mouthwash and a jar of whitening toothpaste.

Pain and Sensitivity Products

Uncle Harry has a few different products that are geared towards sensitivity and pain relief.