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Himalaya Toothpaste

What will a search on Google show you, first of all???

The average person who searches for "himalaya toothpaste" on Google’s engines can come across a plethora of pages talking on the wonderful success of the brand thus far ---- which we will not deny ---- but there’s even more you should be aware of. There’s two main brands under the main name of Himalaya, to note, each unique in its own respect and proud of it: "Himalaya Botanique" and "Himalaya Herbals".

Nonetheless, both brands and their toothpastes offered are quite unique in many aspects, of which we’ll now take a brief, closer look…..

Meet Himalaya Botanique

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Himalaya Toothpaste Products (7 to Choose From!)

Original Neem & Pomegranate - This one’s hard to beat, with ingredients like natural xanthan gum, terminalia chebula and much more. For a refreshing herbal mint flavor and taste that can’t go wrong, go with this one. Neem’s a traditional botanical ingredient, used on teeth for years….did you know?

Simply Cinnamon - It carries the best of cinnamon and other extracts. Plus, there’s a hidden little surprise in each tube: the chance to get a fresh after-breath that is known to last for hours after its initial application. A nice little touch, right?

Simply Mint - Here, you’ll find a product engages acacia arabia and even bark extracts, organically derived! This “Complete Care” toothpaste represents it’s name well and offers just what it promises - healthy gums, whitened teeth, a better smile, and a more refreshing breath overall. Your significant others should thank you for using it….

Simply Mint Whitening - Start your morning off with the right amount of sweet mint, and it’ll be a good day ahead; count on it. This whitening toothpaste is special on so many levels. It holds bromelain, glycerin and even stevia… addition, the papaya and pineapple enzymes included here work together to naturally whiten those teeth. And it works! (See the results online!)

Simply Peppermint - Zinc citrate, pure water and xylitol are only a few of the amazing ingredients. But that’s not even the best part here. In fact, it’s especially known to remove plaque, even what’s been “building on the inside” in harder-to-reach places. It foams wonderfully, and it tastes even better.

Simply Peppermint Whitening - It’s got papain from papaya and Indian tree bark in it, so check it out! Also, it’s fully fluoride-free, carrageenan-free, SLS-free and even triclosan-free. So are the others as well…..

Simply Spearmint - It uses pomegranate as Punica Granatum. (Can you say that 10 times fast?) This is the most pure, untampered natural form. But furthermore, the product offers a “party in your mouth” sort of sensation. It feels like chewing fresh spearmint gum, literally.

Meet Himalaya Herbals

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Himalaya Toothpaste Products (7 to Choose From!)

Complete Care - Now then, this stellar product uses “false black pepper (not like what it sounds)”, triphala, bishop weed and more. These ingredients are good for the mouth and light on the stomach, all at once, should you ingest a little by accident. It seems the creators have thought of everything, indeed.

Complete Care 80G - This one has purifying neem and countless other fruit extracts, great for antioxidant purposes. This one holds a special purpose in life: It was born to make your teeth and gums stronger than ever before. Just follow the instructions or additional “suggestions for best use” as found on the label.

Sparkling White - It holds almond, menthol and miswak among its ingredients - nuff’ said! All you need is a little ‘push’ from the tube, and you’ll have enough taste for a solid brushing experience. It’s compacted and offers much within little, so you won’t have to use the entire toothpaste tube for awhile….

Active Fresh Gel - It’s composed of fennel, clove and cardamom, mainly…..tasty, slightly spicy (with an aromatic aftertaste), and delightful, all at the same time! It offers great value for its cost. “For a fresh feel” is its byline, which more than speaks for itself; I have used it and personally feel it’s accurate.

Sensitive Toothpaste - This has almond, menthol, miswak, and ---- guess what? ---- spinach, ingredients. Moreover, the user will always find that only a minimal amount needs to be applied on the brush, and as such, a little can and will go a long way…...

Stain Removal - For a balanced mix of all the ingredients just listed, plus a hint of pineapple for flavor & taste, this one’s the product to get! And it also employs Plant Enzyme Technology to ensure that even coffee and tea stains become a thing of the past ---- in fact, by up to 12 weeks of continued usage, for maximum effect! Try it out.

HiOra-/HiOra K - It mainly combines --- once again ---- quality spinach, cloves, and potassium nitrate that’s been naturally produced. But also, this one packs a punch of its own, like the others, offering a uniquely blended touch of triphala, pilu, babbula, amra, papain, bromelain, nimba, and even lavanga. It’s made to kill oral inflammation at its source, not to mention ease “spongy gums” in the process.

Himalaya Toothpaste: Conclusion

Folks, we’ve just looked at an amazing phrase you can easily search for on Google: “himalaya toothpaste”. And as we’ve just seen, it offers two amazing brands that are quite different from each other though both offer an amazing lineup of toothpastes to choose from. And you might already be curious on the following…..

How are these two different? Well, first of all, Himalaya Botanique is more strictly U.S. - based and carries less products than Himalaya Herbals. But the difference isn’t much ---- in terms of toothpaste itself, while the former offers carries 7 in its arsenal, the latter does the same but offers a bit more…...facial products and other stuff. It’s also easier to order from other countries through Himalaya Herbals.

Try any of these 14 toothpastes to see which is your favorite. They all cater to different needs. Click on the links above and view the two brands, as well as their product descriptions, in full. There’s nothing to lose. Himalaya’s a great supplier!