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Why Do Dentures Cause Mouth Sores?

Author : Efrain S.

Hmm…. why do they, I wonder? I know the answer, actually. But do YOU?

Well, it’s due to the simple fact that the dentures, in most cases, are either brand – new or do not fit the way they ought to and must be checked out. It really comes down to these 2 main causes most of the time. Now, a few mouth sores here and there, right where the dentures lie, can be common if, like I SAID, those dentures are NEW. So it takes time to adjust — focus on some other thing in the first few days so that you can take your mind off the unpleasant little pains and pokes that come with the process, many a time, and also the mouth sores, big or small. Starting out, with new dentures, you can expect a mouth sore to come up, or two.

Now, then, when the denture does not fit properly, then you have a problem and should not let it sit without taking a bit of action ( as when the dentures are new and you just need to get used to them and do nothing but be patient and keep a positive spirit, he he he heh ) . In this more specific issue, the denture moves around and can rub itself up against the gums or even cut its way through some of the gums, which is never a nice thing for it to do to you and will cause pain, inflammation, bleeding, overall discomfort and more. That is why you have to ensure it fits your mouth just right, and check that from time to time ( by seeing your dentist ) . Like I said, do not let this issue just ‘remain’.

Also, partial dentures can give you sore gums, causing mouth sores of all kinds as well. The way that that one works is like this — so basically, getting partial denture work done is a bit of a tricky pain and poses all sorts of risky issues that, like with full dentures, also ought to have you coming back to the dentist for regular check – ups to ensure the denture ( partial denture, in this case ) still fits the way it ought to and poses no threats of its own. It is very important to remember this, too.

Mouth sores can also come from bacteria — yes, that is right. You heard me. Not cleaning your teeth or dentures causes all kinds of bacteria to float around freely inside. And your mouth is vulnerable, prone to attack if not properly defended by regular brushing, flossing, mouth washing, and healthy eating ( food can get jammed or stuck anywhere in the mouth, also, and grow old and spread new bacteria of its own without you even knowing it ) .

So all that said, we hope that this can help. Keep strong. And avoid ongoing mouth sores as best you can.