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Toothpaste How To Make Slime Without Glue

Author : Efrain S.

toothpaste, and a little shampoo, as a matter of fact, are all that your merry little heart will need if you wish to make some slime of your own…. and do not tell me, do not DARE tell me, that you have not thought about doing so at least once in your life, he heh. We know you could not resist that fun, childish urge, and that is why you came to me now…. and are reading my work. So let me share with you this simple approach and what I have learned from it, and maybe, you can be taught something you never even knew, and most importantly, get started on the path to making some real slime of your own, he he he heh. I WANT to get you there, my good reader…..

So listen closely…. first of all, I want you to take note on the fact that having a little drip dish or small bowl, in fact, is ideal for this process and is nice to have something to fall into ( and not just into the sink or trash can, but somewhere where it can stay as you prepare each step of the slime ) . Now, then, assuming you have one and brought it forward by your side, we can continue —- you are going to, first off, take a very dollop of the shampoo itself and put some on that little bowl. You want to use a shampoo that is known to be consistently thick, by the way, a huge pointer you ought to take note of. Remember it. Be picky with the shampoo you use for making your slime… it’s okay, I IMPLORE you and give you permission to, this time, he he he he hehh…

Now then, after doing so, you are going to need to just do two quick squeezes of toothpaste to add on to that, and use a small pen, toothpick or even pin to stir both ingredients together right in the bowl. Stir away and have some fun with it… get jiggy and do a nice little dance as you stir, if you want to, he heh. A popsicle stick, or heck, a very tiny spoon, could work, if you can’t find the toothpick or pen, for instance. I just thought I’d point that out.

Now, after this step, you are going to need to add more of either of the two ingredients, if you want a bigger final batch or more of the formula in quantity, and just stir away some more. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Take that bowl and throw it in a freezer, leaving it in for as little as 10 minutes or as long as an hour, you decide. Take it out. Roll it, squish it, squeeze it… all to help knead it. It should be more thick and putty – like now, so have some fun!