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How To Open Philips Sonicare Toothbrush

Author : Efrain S.

Friend, we’ve all found ourselves in situations of need —- the need to open something, anything from a can of olives, to a car door, to our cell – phone battery pack, right? So if you have been there and done that, then let me show you one more… how to open your PHILIPS SONICARE TOOTHBRUSH.

To do this carries with it just a bit of moderate difficulty, depending on how technical you are, how much time and patience you have, and how willing you are to follow each step with full detail and thoroughly take your time, tracking your steps and not missing a step….

Now first of all, I would like you to pull out that brush head, which is the first and easiest step there is. It should come off with some relative ease, but if yours does not pull off so easily for some reason, then it might be a bit rusty and will need to get de – greased or simply soaked in hot water for a few minutes so that it starts to loosen itself off…. and it should be easier to pull off after doing so.

Pull up on the brush head, in the opposite direction away from its handle. Then you are going to need to look at the very bottom of the toothbrush piece itself and lift it so that you use it like a spudger, a screwdriver or a metal pryer of some sort to push open that bottom and push it up. Pry it around the edge and be patient ; go clock – wise like in a circle ( singing “Ring around the Rosy’’ as you do it, heh, just kidding ) …. You should see that plastic seal start to come out, and then just finish pulling it all the way out from there.

Do this next step only if you need to replace the central motor of the toothbrush, for any reason ( though I would instead recommend reaching out to the seller and using your warranty, unless you really know these devices and know what you are doing, he heh ) : PUSH the shaft against the ground to put some pressure on it ( make sure it is concrete or something firm, not wood as you might end up scratching your floor, he heh ) . What’s inside will come out, and that is the main electronic piece. The further you get in on the inside, the more and more screws and little bolts you will find in the piece. Keep in mind that, when screws get pulled out, small rings may fall off so be very watchful and keep an eye on your every movement. Note that the edge of the inside metal – electronics piece has a hole in it and that you can easily press against it with a small, metal probe like before.

We hope you learned something!