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Colgate Electric Toothbrush

Find it here!  Hi friends: In case you’ve ever wanted to know a bit more about the Colgate electric toothbrush and other details surrounding it, this piece you’re about to ready is perfect for you! So take it all in, learn what you can, and hopefully decide if an electric brush of this calibre may be right for you…..

Colgate Electric Toothbrush - The Products

10 electric toothbrushes are now available to buy online or at a local store that offers them, and we’re going to briefly detail each. Let’s start…..

THE E1 COLGATE CONNECT SMART TOOTHBRUSH - Tracks brushing movements and overall effectiveness with precision; smartphone enabled; maps your mouth while offering some tips and further coaching along the way.

THE COLGATE PROCLINICAL POCKET-PRO BLACK RECHARGEABLE ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH - Innovative sensing technology through Omron; 30,000 brush strokes each minute; gentle on your gums; 30 second pacer included; offers interdental cleaning with precision; thorough plaque reduction and gingivitis control overall.   

THE COLGATE PROCLINICAL A1500 RECHARGEABLE ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH - Only U.K. originated toothbrush to use smart sensors for superior cleaning direction and speed control; employs the best of modern Auto Adjust Technology; LED display and manual mode selections; offers interdental cleaning and its own travel case, too.

THE COLGATE PROCLINICAL POCKET-PRO WHITE RECHARGEABLE ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH - 5x plaque reduction for superior cleanse; gentlest on sensitive areas; 30 second pacer included; 30,000 smooth brush strokes given every minute. 

THE COLGATE PROCLINICAL C600 RECHARGEABLE ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH - Up to 35,000 brushing strokes each minute; 16-hour charge; travel friendly; elegant design with soft base and handle.

THE COLGATE PROCLINICAL 350 WHITENING RECHARGEABLE ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH - Multi-directional cleaning; 5x plaque removal; two unique brushing modes; brighter smiles promised within first week of use; soft, comfortable grip on handle.  

THE COLGATE PROCLINICAL 350 RECHARGEABLE ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH - Long-lasting battery through single, 10 hour charge; can work with three uniquely different types of brush heads, respectively; 360° Deep Clean brush head included. 

THE COLGATE PROCLINICAL 250+ BLACK RECHARGEABLE ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH - Gentler, yet more powerful and effective overall than a manual toothbrush with a flat trim; can do much more, such as offer the greatest, high-intensity Sonic Cleaning Action around; can also provide greater whole-mouth cleaning, reaching teeth in the back of the mouth, through its angled neck. 

THE COLGATE PROCLINICAL 250 WHITENING ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH - 30 second pacer included, which specifically tells the user to move onto the next section of the mouth; travel friendly as well; 10-hour battery charge with charge indicator light-up; 5x plaque removal. 

THE COLGATE PROCLINICAL 150 WHITENING BATTERY TOOTHBRUSH - Gets up to 20,000 brush strokes per every minute used; multi-directional, deep cleaning included; only requires 2 AAA batteries; includes a two-minute timer to help with accounting for brushing time accurately. 

Colgate Electric Toothbrush - The Results

Smarter, brighter solutions to make everyday brushing are the best results these Colgate electric toothbrushes can offer you. And in addition to that, you get more confidence in yourself and your appearance through a shinier, whiter smile. Who doesn’t want that? 

Plus, if you’re someone like me, who continually needs to be reminded to brush two minutes at a time, then an electric brush like these should serve you well. That’s what that timer is for, friend, so make good use of it at every opportunity. And since there’s four corners of your mouth that need attention each time you brush, targeting each in turn should now be easier than ever through the 30 second pacer; it’ll tell you when it’s time to switch to the next area. 

And to get the feeling of luxury in your bathroom product, similar to parking a Tesla in your bathroom, per say, you can also get one or several Colgate electric brushes. Heck, go “all out” and get one for each bathroom or family member in your home. Throw out those traditional, non-elegant toothbrushes you’ve been using, and add some visual flair and royalty to your bathrooms. This’ll all come as another result of your purchase…..   


So if you want to really find out what an electric Colgate toothbrush can do for your oral sensitivities, and even what it might feel like when it’s in your mouth, there is one way you can find out. Simply order online, or look for any of the products just described in your local store. If you don’t like the experience, then you’ll at least have known it was not for you.      

And you can refund the product within its warranty immediately afterwards. No harm, no foul, right? Give it a try and see…..  

The Brand

To go a bit further, we want to tell you about the brand behind the product, for just a sec. It’s called the Colgate brand, and if you’ve ever brushed your teeth, seen a billboard ad, or watched a TV commercial in your lifetime, then there’s a high chance you’ve already heard of the brand. In fact, you probably own a product of this brand in your home or have at least purchased one in your lifetime. It’s a common U.S. brand that is now in most households, also one of the top toothpaste and toothbrush brands in the U.S. and the world. Let’s have a look at how it got started…..

This amazing umbrella brand holds roots that go back nearly 150 years, into 1873. It started in New York City by a small group of elite entrepreneurs with resources and the potential for innovation. They wanted to make their world a better place. 

The product first officially sold in 1896 as a collapsible tube. Before that, it was sold in glass jars, but not on a mass scale as with its collapsible tube version, which shortly after took off like nothing else. It then expanded into Malaysia and other foreign markets as of the early 1900’s. It was a good time for the brand and for its greater marketing, overall. After dozens of name changes, business acquisition strategies, marketing plans, and leadership staff additions, the company has come to be what it is today.