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Colgate Electric Toothbrush How To Change Battery

Author : Efrain S.

The Colgate 360 Optic White, as well as the Hum by Colgate ( both listed here on this page : Best Battery Toothbrush 2020 - Reviews & Buyer’s Guide - Electric Teeth ) , are two great toothbrushes out there. I love them to death. Now let me show you a bit on their battery and some things you ought to take note of….

First of all, the Colgate 360 Optic White requires AAA batteries and no other kind…. they must be AAA. If you get it new from somewhere, it will more than likely have the first batteries included but then you need to go and buy the rest. These batteries in the toothbrush are 2 at a time, by the way…. so insert your first two AAA’s and turn the thing on and you are rockin’ n rollin, my friend, as easy as that. But how do you open the battery compartment and put those batteries in, you might be wondering, or where do you do so? Good questions, I like….

So on that note, what you have to do here is really very simple : Just pull that bottom compartment off, as you will note the toothbrush is broken up into 3 parts, and I am talking about the part under the main torso or body of the toothbrush where it says “Colgate 360” in nice, white letters. Feel it with your fingers and it ought to gently come off. Then, see the images telling you which side of the battery is positive and which is negative, along – side the coils, for placing each of the two batteries in. Put them in, close the lid back up until you hear a little snap or ensure that it is not loose, and you are all set.

As for with the Colgate ‘Hum’ model, all you have to do is the very same. And guess what else? It also needs two AAA’s, so it’s easy to remember. It is from the same brand, of course. Colgate makes things so simple, do they not? And instead of “Colgate 360” written on the toothbrush body, this time you will see the word ( one single word, very plain and very simple, once more ) “Hum” written in the same white letters. Simple. Easy.

A quick side note — on both of these Colgate toothbrushes, you do not need to mess with the upper portion of the brush, where the brush head and the upper handle are…. to reach the battery area. So do not mess with them if you do not need to. Unlike with other electric toothbrushes, here, you do not need to pull the toothbrush head from its main body or de – attach it in any way. He heh. The battery area, remember, is at the very bottom of the brushes, respectively. Thanks for your time!