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Crooked Teeth - Common Issue

Author : Efrain S.

Reading all the free online dental materials that the Web provides, I think, is basically next to getting a personal dentist of your own but with the offset of avoiding expensive personal dentist fees or an oral care membership. Which is why I suggest you read MY blog, here, too, now that you’re on this page. I have lots of valid insight to share with you and I thank you for coming here. Welcome to this dental blog, by the way, and we hope you will stay and read around to your heart’s delight….

Now, then, this time I am covering crooked teeth and some things you might want to know about having them, whether it is a problem you face personally or you are just curious. Either way, I hope to help with some knowledge. Now let’s get started!

First of all, the issue of crooked teeth, in case you might have been asking already, is super – common and for a very simple reason : It has to do with our modern society. I mean, honestly think about it as this has not been a super – common problem in past decades as it is with our fast, fast – food, crazy lifestyle generation, no? Yes, I know I am right. As a matter of fact, much of this, though not all of it, in turn, has to do with our diets and exercise ( or even lack thereof, he he heh ) . We consume sodas and junk food by the ton, which messes up our teeth and gives us oral bacteria, not to mention cavities and a whole other world of decay just in the mouth itself. And when you think about it, when our facial ( and especially jaw ) muscles do not move and contract as they are originally intended to do, or with the same intensity as before, we tend to contort our own faces and thus seal our own fates, so to speak. The jaw, teeth bones, gums and all parts of the face thus have to re – align themselves due to over – strain, or more simple, and more commonly —– under – strain or under – exertion, which causes things to go crooked in the long scheme of things, never a good thing, if you ask me. Now, then, what else might you want to know about that aspect?

Well, keep in mind the fact that, as I mentioned diet, candy is possibly one of the worst things that any human being can ever eat, despite how delicious and tempting it can get. Never eat candy again and your mouth and teeth will thank you. Biting on hard things, like candy, breaks and chips teeth away, which leaves them susceptible to going crooked or mis – shaping themselves over time…. and yes, I know how hard it is to hear this. Believe me : Willy Wonka used to be one of my favorite movies of all time.