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Getting Immediate Dentures What To Expect

Author : Efrain S.

These are some tips that you ought to not go without knowing, especially if this will have been your first time. So listen up. Take notes, if it helps. And soak it in….* the advice I am about to share, I mean…. soak that in, he heh.

First of all, my pal, and thanks for letting me call you that and for reading on through this great page, when you insert an immediate denture, you ought to bear in mind that it is supposed to remain there in place for at least 24 hours ( or can be as long as 48 hours, depending on your specific issue and if your dentist advises you to do so, no less than that ) . During this time, those very sensitive underlying tissues are given time and space to heal and be moved into a healing position as well. If, as a side note, this denture becomes horribly unbearable and painful ( as often it does, which is a normal part of the process, all in all ) , you are usually allowed to remove it for very short moments of time, and we are talking seconds to minutes but not much longer than that…. and with the expressed permission of your dental expert, to do so. They must approve that it is alright, in your condition, to do so… but you will want to stick it right back in, pronto, as soon as you can. Consider it a ‘short break’ out of the mouth, but then remember to re – insert it asap and keep the process working.

After about 3 days, you’ll get to sleep at night without the immediate denture in place and only have to use it during the day. Wheh. Another little break, right? Yup. Every moment counts.

You might also want to take out that immediate denture for those short periods I mentioned if bleeding starts to become an issue. But like I said, keep it short. Just pull it out for a quick break.

During those first full 24 hours, you are allowed to rinse these dentures and even in some nice, cold water, if you like. But do so with the denture actually in its place ( so rinse out at your mouth, in other words, and do not pull the denture out just to do this ) . This also helps keep cool and clean that area surrounding the denture and avoids a bit of germ and debris build – up, which is never a bad thing to think about…. help keep things clean in there with some cold water, then, and do not forget to get your regular bite adjustment appointments scheduled with the denture ( your dental expert should already remind you or help you set up each recurring appointment as it’s a major part of this process to keep in mind…. very, very, very important ) . Hope this helps!