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Polyethylene Glycol ( Peg ) In Toothpaste

Author : Efrain S.

They say “healthy teeth ownership” is a reward both in and of itself, especially having several teeth in the mouth: Teeth get lonely, ( assuming you can take a joke, he heh ) and having a regular companion ( much more so one that will not judge and can love and be held at all times…. if teeth can speak to each other and rub up against each other for warmth and companionship, he heh heh ) truly pays off in dividends. In addition, having someone who is never too tired to join you or stand next to you ( while getting brushed next to you, in your gums, he heh ) is great. In addition, healthy teeth ( teeth that are happy and not lonely, he heh hehhh ) provide security in greater numbers, especially when strolling around in your mouth. If you have more teeth, it’s harder for you to get oral decay or disease as you have more of these “front - liners’’ protecting the insides of your mouth. Makes sense, right? More so, to help, toward that end, it’s important to know what’s in your toothpaste, all in all, which is why I’ve taken a few moments out of my day to share my expertise, guys…..

Anyways, you ought to read up all that you can and, at some point, buy your own toothpaste, toothbrush, and other dental materials to not only save on dentists’ fees but to also be well – informed for yourself and not rely on your dentist ( to them, you are business and not just a “valued patient”, to be honest with you ) . And on that note, most of the time, your dentist will not disclose what is in your toothpaste ( or even what he or she uses when cleaning your teeth or pulling a tooth ) . But if you have heard of PEG, then it might be good to know what it is and to stay FAR away from it, as a whole ; PEG is simply a solvent or humectant, one approved by the EWG but no a highly toxic, synthetic ( thus, artificial and not intended for teeth or gums ) type of ingredient that harms and pollutes the environment as well.

When looking at the labels on your tooth paste ( please do so next time, my friend ) , you may see this toxic solvent listed as PEG – 8, PEG – 12, etc. It’s all got the same toxins in it and is bad. They use it as a stabilizer and even to ( toxically ) avoid loss of humidity in the tube of toothpaste —- so think of it as an “ingredient preserver”, preserving the other junk that’s in the tube for a longer shelf life ( but not for your longer life ) . So think about that just a little bit more carefully.