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Are Metal Dentures Better than Plastic?

Author : Efrain E. Silva

Metal-Base Dentures



Plastic Dentures




Always do your research first of all : That’s some sharp advice that has not steered me wrong. And I’m guessing, with my psychic (or psycho, he he heh) powers, that that’s what you did before finding our blog here. You wanted to know which of the two types of dentures can really kick the other one’s but, right? Well, I am about to pull back some curtains and shed some light, so keep your eyes here…..

First of all, the first thing you might want to know in reading this blog is that this depends on need — if there were a perfect YES or NO solution or argument for either of the two denture types, then it would be so easy and we would have all of life figured out, most likely, he he heh. Given the imperfect world we are in, that is far from likely here. Anyways, let me show you some benefits here so that you can really sit down and plan things out, in case you happen to be searching for dentures for yourself or a loved family member, perhaps….

Now, then, with that said, let me top you off with this very important point….pay attention : Metal - based dentures, be they of cobalt chrome or some cheaper form of metal, will almost always (or at least 99 % of the time) cost higher than plastic dentures. Makes sense, eh? Metal is a finer (usually) material than plastic and does not just break under certain circumstances, thus also making it more durable and strong. And in the instance of dentures, you (or your dental pro, I should say) can also make them more narrow than if you were to use plastic. It is by far a whole shot easier to do…as they say. It’s also a whole heck of a lot less bulky, in almost every case.

Add to that the fact that to reposition the frenum, as is often a need, going with metal dentures, you will find, can and will actually save you some hassles of potential surgical procedures. Who wants to undergo these, when alternative options can always be placed on the table or avoidance, all in all, can occur ahead of time? Metal feels more natural than plastic, as well, since it, by the way, is a lot more organic as a product and hasn’t been injected with the toxins that so many plastics employ these days. And although using plastic helps us all re - cycle, the benefits of scrapping metal and re - using it form new dentures, in this case, tops that. Did I also mention to you that the very base of a metal denture, since it’s more firm and grounded / cemented, all in all, is considerably more stable than that of a plastic denture? So it moves around less, as you can imagine. All these are valid reasons for why I argue that metal dentures are truly superior in all ways