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Searching online for an amazing toothpaste or toothpaste brand you’ve never tried before? Type in “Rembrandt toothpaste”, and the first thing you'll see is more than 200,000 results as well as highly positive, 5-star buyer reviews…..

A brand and product that works! 

This must be for a reason, then, right? It means the product sells well in any market and simply works the way it is intended. Users of all forms tend to have a good experience with it, when all is said and done…..

And you might already be wondering where this brand came from, in the very first place, or how it all got started? What are its roots? Where does it stand now? Great questions for anyone to ask, especially when seeking whether or not a particular toothpaste (or other product, for that matter) is worth investing it. So let’s take a look…..

History of Rembrandt toothpaste

The history of this toothpaste brand is a rich and glorious one altogether, bearing a true origin story the likes of no other out there. That’s what makes it so unique and fascinating, to begin with. It all started not too long ago in 1990, the beginning of the “truly modern age” we now find ourselves living in…..  

At this time, Den-Mat Corp (a company begun by Dr. Robert Ibsen in 1974) developed and maintained the brand. By 2003, nearly $4 million in sales revenue generated, making the business skyrocket even further. Since then, the business has both merged and been acquired by different businesses. It has kept its name. The current owner is Ranir LLC. 

2 Main types of Rembrandt toothpaste available on the market today.

The REMBRANDT DEEPLY WHITE + Peroxide Toothpaste

Rembrandt Toothpaste DEEPLY WHITE Peroxide

This first toothpaste serves a special kind of purpose --- do you want to know what that is? Well, it’s to offer a truly deep whitening of your teeth and their smile, all from the inside out. This should, in turn, lead to a more boosted self-confidence, more positive energy and an overall healthier approach to life and its problems.

Rembrandt Toothpaste DEEPLY WHITE Peroxide ingredients

In fact, did you know that one’s physical appearance can make all the difference in the way he or she views himself or herself? And having the right kind of smile, then, really can go a long way to reaching such a goal. It all starts with how we perceive ourselves and the world around us, and a bright, shining smile is certainly a step forward in the best direction.

But also, this toothpaste will restore the tooth enamel of its user to the best of its abilities as it’s uniquely formulated with its own rapid-release peroxide (top ingredient among those listed here). It’s a special, mint, whitening toothpaste that’ll get to work right away after you apply the first layer of it onto the brush and scrub it around in your mouth. It wastes no time in formalities --- it gets inside and it gets to work on your teeth and gums!

And more to note, even the furthest deep stains found within your teeth will meet their match when the rapid-release kicks in, which as we just mentioned, is right upon initial impact. And the peroxide effect will be both visible and felt, a true positive, lasting change that starts from within. In addition, the sodium fluoride ingredient included helps to strengthen your teeth by means of restoring all tooth enamel, or at least as much as is still ‘restorable’ at this point. The inactive ingredients include glycerin, sodium citrate, silica, natural flavors, modified food starch, sodium saccharin, urea peroxide, papain, aluminum hydroxide, propylene glycol, and even sodium lauryl sulfate, to name but a few. Children of the age of 6 and up must use minimal amounts and only with direct supervision. 


rembrandt toothpaste intense stain

Now, as for this toothpaste, many simply adore it for the main fact alone that it will let them continue to indulge in all their favorite foods and drinks as they use it. At the same time, it’ll do no less than its very best to polish out all stains it finds along the way, making ends meet. It’s a daily-use whitening type of toothpaste that employs a rapid-effect, advanced formula and restores tooth enamel while strengthening it to full preventative measure. If you use it faithfully, and especially long-term, you’ll eventually come to forget the very meaning of the words “tooth decay, plaque, oral corrosion” and several of those others that have been on your ‘bad list’ for some time now…..

rembrandt toothpaste intense stain ingredients

This toothpaste works with micro-polishers, the result being that of removing all oral surface stains more effectively while also avoiding any future buildup of such once more. The tetrapotassium pyrophosphate should certainly help with that as well. Imagine even the toughest of stains being eradicated through this highly potent formula used, stains like those of coffee, tobacco, berries and even red wine ---- yes, these can all be gone with time and proper procedure, and that’s a promise. 

It’s only active ingredient is sodium fluoride 0.243%, (w/w) along with 0.15% w.v fluoride ion, all for greater anticavity purposes. Once again, the inactive ingredients here include those like hydrated silica, glycerin, sorbitol, water, PVP, (undisclosed) flavoring from source, titanium dioxide, cellulose gum, sodium saccharin, xanthan gum, sucralose and others. Children of the age of 6 and up must use minimal amounts and only with direct supervision. This product has won the Women’s Choice Award two years straight!   

Last thoughts to keep in mind here


With a rich and diverse culture heritage, as well as a strong backup of products on the fleet, the Rembrandt toothpastes are truly distinct. Order any type of toothpaste that we’ve just seen online. Just remember to keep these away from children under 6. And remember to properly consider all features and ingredients detailed for each one, and see which of the two toothpastes may be best for you…..      

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