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If you are looking for the ultimate way to manage your toothpaste, you might want to learn more about toothpaste dispensers. These are excellent devices that are specifically designed to take care of about 90% of your oral hygiene problems. You may be tired of dealing with a messy tube. You may have tried other solutions like the squeezer but just want to take things a step further. If you want to go all the way, you’re on the right track.


The term toothpaste dispenser may be used to refer to either a squeezer, pump, or an automated dispenser. A toothpaste squeezer is a simple tool used to squeeze paste from a tube. We have an entire two articles on these specifically: Toothpaste Squeezer and Best Toothpaste Squeezer. A toothpaste pump is actually similar to a normal tube except that it would normally be constructed out of hard plastic. It basically comes as one piece. It allows the user to just press a button instead of squeezing the tube. An automated dispenser is something different from both of these. It is usually wall mounted. It dispenses paste as the toothbrush pressed inside. It allows for a tube of toothpaste to be inserted into the dispenser and replaced when needed. It usually comes with a toothbrush hanger and sometimes includes UV sanitization. This third type is what we will be focusing on in this article. This is what we mean when we refer to a toothpaste dispenser in the context of this article.

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Why a Toothpaste Dispenser is a Good Idea

Many people consider buying one of these for many of the same reasons that they decide to buy one of the many types of toothpaste squeezers. Some people are happy with just a squeezer. If you really want the best solution, you will want to get an actual dispenser. Get something that is wall mounted and automatic. This will solve all of the same problems and do a better job of it. It does so much more than just solving those problems effectively. The better models will help to clean and store your toothbrush. These don’t have to be overly expensive either. Obviously, the better models and the models with more features will tend to cost more but the prices still aren’t bad at all considering that you will end up using it everyday for years. Each and every day it will help you to avoid frustration and make your life easier. Overtime, this is a lot of trouble that you will save yourself.

Having your toothpaste unmanaged can be a huge pain. When the tube starts to get used up, it gets harder to squeeze out more toothpaste. By the end it can be difficult to get that last drop of paste out and you end up wasting money. It isn’t a ton of money but it adds up and you really shouldn’t have to deal with this in the first place. Most people don’t like how messy it gets and get frustrated with the entire process. It isn’t the most major thing in the world but it adds a little bit of stress here and there, day after day. It is just one more thing to deal with. Believe it or not it can be a major cause of arguments and domestic disputes. It is always the small things. If you like to be neat, clean, and worry free in the bathroom, get yourself a toothpaste dispenser today.

Toothpaste Dispenser: Good For Kids

These are also, for obvios reasons, really great for kids.

Toothpaste Dispenser: Beyond the Basics

Most toothpaste dispensers do more than just help you squeeze out paste in a convenient manner. They often come with a lot more to offer. Knowing what they can do and how it benefits you can help you to make an informed decision about what is right for you. You never want to just blindly rush into something without having done a bit of research. We can help you with that and make the process easier. As always, we aim to help you understand your options so that you can make the right choice. Everyone's needs are different.

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Toothbrush Hanger

This is a common feature that is included. It is a feature that solves a problem that everyone has. Where do you put your toothbrush? Everyone keeps theirs somewhere. Not everyone is happy with where they keep it but they do what they can. The most common thing is to put it in a cup on the edge of the sink or to hang it from some type of hanger. Some people just throw it in the drawer and don’t worry about keeping it clean. Whatever type of person you are, you can probably benefit from having a hanger, if you don’t already have one. Having that hanger built into a convenient dispenser just makes the most sense. It is just easier to have something that takes care of everything.

UV Sanitization

A major concern people have regarding their toothbrushes is how to keep them clean. Many people have asked, “How do you keep a toothbrush clean?”. There has to be a proper way. Sure you can store it somewhere that prevents it from getting dirty but is that enough. Think about it. This is something that you put in your mouth on a daily basis. It gets wet. It gets your saliva on it. It then just sits there all day collecting bacteria. Anything you could do to ensure that bacteria is killed is going to be a huge plus.

UV sanitization helps to solve this problem and put your mind at ease. Ultraviolet light, specifically in the UV-C range kills germs. This includes viruses, bacteria, and all sorts of other pathogens. It does this by deactivating their DNA so that they can’t reproduce. When they do try to reproduce, the die. This is something that happens at a microscopic scale but is a super effective way of wiping out a population of germs. Once their ability to replicate is disrupted, they quickly die out while trying to reproduce leaving you with a clean toothbrush.

UV sanitization sound like an amazing thing to have. Fortunately, many toothpaste dispensers actually come with this built in. You don’t have to go around looking for expensive, high end equipment. For a small increase in cost, many dispensers come with UV sanitizers included. Even if you didn’t think you had a need for this, you probably always had kind of an uneasy feeling about how clean your toothbrush really is. You probably just ignored that feeling because you didn’t think there was anything you could really do. Now you know that there actually is something that can be done.

Toothpaste Dispenser: My Feelings

I wouldn’t ever want to go back to squeezing a tube of toothpaste by hand. It is just not worth the mess and the frustration. I strongly prefer to keep things in my bathroom managed and neat. Using squeezers is great but I feel like taking things a step further and just getting a toothpaste dispenser was the right choice. It just feels more complete. I love having a clean, sanitized toothbrush. I love that I can use the same system to manage both my toothbrush and my paste.