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How To Use Philips Sonicare Airfloss

Author : Efrain S.

Power this sucker on by pushing the power button and make sure that, before this, you have gotten enough battery charge on it for it to run…. very important, other – wise we would be getting nowhere, he he heh heh. It may take a bit to charge while on its charger, but go and do something else in the meantime. And now, assuming it’s charged and you are good to go, proceed by turning it on as I mentioned and then looking for that nozzle tip ( see your user guide for images of each part and component, and where the nozzle tip is, what it looks like, etc ) . Put the nozzle tip right at your gum line and don’t be shy, he heh…. now, keep it in between any two of your teeth and here is a little extra tip, on that note, as well —- you hate splashing and back – splash, right? When you are in the bathroom and are brushing or water - flossing, I mean….he heh. So on that note, close both of your lips, but ever – so slightly, as you do this so that you can avoid that annoying splash ( yes, in fact, close them right over that nozzle as you do so and just relax…. you will not be splashed today, he he he he heh ) .

Push down on that activation button ( once more, see your user guide or manual here for finding it ) in order to then have your device shoot up a few short bursts of air ( like around 1 – 3 bursts, to be a bit more exact, he heh ) in addition to water / mouthwash micro – droplets right in between…. you guessed it…. these two teeth. And it goes on and on, until you get all teeth, so keep moving and be patient with it, my friend, and more than all else, HAVE SOME FUN. Or just relax. Either way, have a blast as you do this…. most people enjoy the process and wait for all of it to end and come out of the bathroom with a smile on their face, I think. It’s easy to do and fun. Unique experience, to say the least. But with that, let me share my next point….

Then you slide the nozzle tip. Where? Well, along that gum line you wish to target, of course. Settle it right in…. and repeat, for the next two teeth, and so on…..

DO not forget your back teeth and those spaces in between them, as well. Get all your teeth if you can and have the time. When you are finished, turn the device off ( or let it turn off on its own after 1 minute of it not being used, a neat little feature I like to brag about as well…. that glorious ‘auto - shut - off, he heh ) . Hope this helps!