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How To Remove Dentures After Using Fixodent

Author : Efrain S.

Hmm, good thing to ask…. I figure many people, besides just me, have been asking it, so why not make a blog on it? He heh. Why not?

First of all, if it is night time, right before you go to bed and off to La La Land as I like to call it…. it is now the best time to remove those dentures. Remember that —- it’s always best to do this right before bed time and snoozing away on that pillow for the rest of the night. Start by preparing the bathroom ( yes, I did say preparing the bathroom and I will talk to you a bit more about what I mean by that in just a second, so hang tight, he he he he heh ) and prepare yourself for a cleaning routine that is about to happen…. one that will blow you right out of this planet with how thorough, awesome, fun, and non – time – consuming it can be, he heh.

Now, you are going to first block the drain in your main bathroom sink so that it clogs up and does not allow for any water to escape down into the sink drain. After that, fill up the drain using water that is not too hot but also not cold ( rather, just warm, would be more than ideal for you here ) . Get a nice, small little hand towel that you do not mind possibly getting a little wet — maybe one that is already hanging out in your bathroom while you are there. Replace it with another one, if you must, so you always have a fresh one hanging from the rack or such, he heh. Now on that note, you are going to please roll it up, like if you were rolling up a little scroll. And place it right on the edge of your bath room’s sink.

After this, it is time to gargle your mouth with some —- you guessed it — warm water, once more. It helps loosen the dentures to then be better and more easily pulled out of the mouth, heh. By the way, on the prior step, I did not mention this but you can try it as well —- take a towel and place it on the floor as well, if you want to, as a means to make a soft landing pad in the event that the denture falls right on the floor under you. It helps to catch it, of course, especially if your floor is really hard and the denture can run the risk of cracking on impact.

Pull the bottom denture out first with your index finger, and then the top one. Remember, bottom should come out first. And then rinse it directly on the same warm water. Get a denture cleaner ( solution ) from Walmart and soak the dentures over - night.