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Natural Ways To Remove Tartar Build-Up At Home

Author : Efrain S.

What am I talking about when I say tartar?

By tartar, my friend, I do mean those hard, calcium deposits that sort of start to form and make a coat all over your teeth and gums ( you likely know the feeling…. you know exactly what I am talking about here, he heh, and yes, it is soooo gross but we all get it from time to time ) .

Tried baking soda?

A good solution can be wetting a good toothbrush and then shaking this baking soda and putting it right on it. And then, just scrub away, aiming for those teeth and gums, not missing a single area as you pass by it carefully. Repeat as best you can. Rinse your mouth out after doing so, but only after like 15 minutes, having given the wet baking soda plenty of time to do its full job and make its full effect. Trust me — you will even start to feel a whole lot different and cleaner on the inside of your mouth, and it’s a feeling I really can’t put words to, ha hah.

Tried vinegar?

You might also try some vinegar but not just any kind — go for the white kind as that would be best in this case. Now what you need to do, then, is this : Get some warm salt water in a bowl. If you do not have salt water, of course, all you need to do is add warm water to the bowl and then throw in some salt, until you get that nice and salty feel to it, he he heh. And once you have done that, just mix in some white vinegar. You can then gargle your mouth with this new solution and help get rid of that tartar right in the area that lies between each tooth and its gums, respectively. This certainly helps a whole lot, as tons of people have already said, and you can do it about once a day ( easy, quick, simple, and only takes about a couple minutes out of your busy life – style, he he he heh ) . The vinegar you should put in should be about 2 good tablespoons, and since this type of vinegar naturally happens to be so darn acidic, it’s perfect at killing off multiple inside microbes and bacteria cells that can form in your mouth, he heh.

Tried orange peels?

Orange peels are great for not only making natural candles and starting fires, like in emergency survival situations ( which I can talk about at another time and place with you, he he heh, as I am an avid Apocalyptic survivalist / prepper, as well, on the side ) , but did you know it is also a great natural resource for getting rid of tooth tartar? Yup, I kid you not, it is : And I am about to explain just a little bit more on that…. so if you’re with me, this far, please keep reading to the very end….

Now, then, these orange peels ought to be scraped and rubbed right up against your gums and your teeth — don’t be shy. Shove them right in there gently and move them right around, he heh. You can also mash those peels into bits and throw some water in the mix with them, to create a great tartar – fighting paste. Ah, don’t you just love the options presented here? You can easily do it either of two ways.

Preventing plaque

Now, then, all in all, you ought to make yourself fully aware that prevention is key to all things in this regard : Prevent the plaque before it even starts to happen, and you will be best off. You can easily do it by just listening to all those things your dentist has been telling you all of these years — yes, they may sound like a nuisance or a nag, at times, but they are all in your very best interest ( just as it was when you were little, perhaps, and your parents told you not to leave any broccoli on your plate but eat it all, he he he heh… same darn concept applies itself right here, once more ) . Your dentist has probably hounded you on the urgency of brushing twice a day, for two minutes each time ( at least, if they are a good dentist, as they ought to be, and care about you and your mouth ) . Also stay away from sugar, whether it be in the form of drinks or candy, all in all. Sugar is not your mouth’s friend, he heh. You’ve now been warned on this!

Those annual visits really do matter

VISIT YOUR DENTIST TWICE A YEAR : Yes, it’s probably been hammered into your brain more than just once or twice, but it’s not just because your dentist wants more of your business and needs to keep making money off of you ( which he does, he heh, but all businesses do that… and it’s just business ) …. but it’s rather because it’s important for your oral health and wellness. And that is why I wrote it in all caps, too, he heh, to stress that point and firm it in your mind. Please read it again, and I will repeat myself : VISIT YOUR DENTIST TWICE A YEAR. This means like one visit every six months. That is what most, if not EVERY SINGLE, dentist will tell you to do. So take heed and follow through with it. Cleaning and fluoride treatments, and their urgency, can never be over – stated. It’s super crucial to keep those teeth checked out and cleaned out. And when you’re not at the dentist’s office, you can buy ingredients from your basic store to help clean those teeth on your own, until your next visit. Make it count.