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Can You Kiss With A Retainer?

By: Your One and Only, Online Dental Expert - Writer, Mr. Efrain E. Silva!

Two people kissing…. what could be more romantic, am I right? Especially right under the pale moon – light, or under the mistle – toe ( not that time of year yet, ha ha, but we are getting so close by the day ) and in the best of circumstances, all in all. A kiss is not something to miss, is it? Nope. So we often wonder and ask if a retainer, stupid annoyance that it sometimes is, will actually prevent us from being able to really smooch that special someone we love? And the answer is yes, of course!

The first is that retainers can sometimes tend to smell. That is, not all the time. But they sit in your mouth for many hours and build up saliva, sometimes sweat if it’s hot out, and maybe any other germs, if you have had bacteria going on orally…. all this with a grain of salt, not to scare you, but just something to really ponder. And if you happen to clean your retainer every day, religiously, as I think every person ought to do ( some even have enough free time, or simply “make the free time”, he he heh, to clean out their retainer briefly every hour… and I don’t know how they manage to do so, but they do, he heh ) , then it can make that whole part of things a whole lot easier, I would say. At least, it may not drool and smell as much, and perhaps the other person kissing you might not even notice a huge difference at all, if any ( or you may not, if you are the person who is kissing someone else that has a retainer, he he he heh…. I guess it can work both ways here, can it not? ) .

Now, it seems that making – out and quick – kissing is a fad, more and more these days…. and our culture seems to be so obsessed with it, as well as with physical outward appearances that say nothing about a person’s inner character, ha hah. Just being honest with you. But if you are on that train of thought, and seek to impress that other person and not have your retainer showing or making you look different ( as braces usually tend to do, actually, but certain retainers can, too ) than normal, or to appear to be — how should I say it? —- “less attractive”, then just try a clear retainer. Invisalign makes a sweet one. These sort of camouflage in your mouth, and with them, people usually can’t notice you’re wearing anything at all. They work.

You could also try not caring what other people think. But I guess that’s just an old – fashioned notion, these days. However, if the other person really loves you, they won’t mind kissing you with a retainer in your mouth.