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Best Electric Toothbrush For Invisalign

By: Your One and Only, Online Dental Expert - Writer, Mr. Efrain E. Silva!

So are you using that nearly un – noticeable Invisalign, my friend? Then you will likely know that, the best thing you can have beside it is a great tooth – brush that can really get in there and clean them, all in all…. am I not right? What is better than Invisalign, besides being able to ALSO KEEP your Invisalign truly clean and nearly invisible, as it is meant to do? And the only way to do this is to get an electric tooth – brush that can really gently scrub on its two sides…. making sure the Invisalign product remains clean and yet does not break from too hard of a scrub ( like what may happen if you were to do this with your own hands, instead, and not just simply use a powerful, albeit gentle, electric tooth – brush with its rotating bristles and inner motor that packs a punch ) . Have you thought on this, some? Or not at all? Well, either way, now is the time to get serious and really think on it for just a bit. And I will allow you a second to collect your thoughts before I continue with my next point here, he he he heh…..

Now, then, have you thought on it? I trust you have. And I will now add this — they say the Oral – B Pro 1000 is the best one for Invisalign, not to mention the best one in terms of having a convenient timer feature. And while the Sonicare 2 has more strokes and may be a little faster, as many state, this one is better in terms of Invisalign cleaning and maintenance, all in all. After all, the thousands of online opinions on this can not disagree. The Oral – B PRO 1000 rules in this respect…. heed our words and do not get any other tooth – brush for your Invisalign needs. Trust us all here.

It is also one of the best at getting rid of bracket and wire plaque… yup, plaque does get in there between those brackets and wires, and sometimes, even the smallest of floss strings or back – picks is not enough to pick such plaque out of place. And not only that, but you will find that it can also go on 2 weeks without even a single re – charge of its battery…. it is made to last that long and keep going, going, and going! Re – charge after every 2 weeks, though… don’t forget to.

And also, did you know that it can rotate its brush heads at about 8,000 strokes a minute? Think about it. That is decently fast. No human hand alone could even muster that type of speed, not even that of Rick Jaruntz, whom they say once held the unofficial record for the fastest hands alive, he he he he heh. Anyways, thanks for reading!