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Foreo Electric Toothbrush

Find it here!  Anyone who loves modern toothbrushes and the sensational feeling of oral power they can provide their users will do well to research everything they can about the Foreo brand: What it is, what it can offer, what electric brushes it sells, and so much more. In fact, that’s what this following blog piece is all about, so you will not want to miss it --- keep reading!

The Brand

Foreo is notoriously (in a good way, of course) known for surpassing the standards of excellence each and every time, particularly when it relates to its amazing oral care products, especially toothbrushes. Though the brand itself does sell numerous other types of products like those for men’s, and even skin care products, we mainly want to focus on the electric toothbrushes it offers here as they are sure to blow you away with all they can do. So let’s begin…..

The Products

The brand sells 10 unique types of electric toothbrushes, each offering something entirely distinct on its own. Let’s take a closer look. And though most share the same name, each of the following we’re going to look at, in turn, is slightly different from its other versions, in some way or another. Let’s follow in listicle format…..


It comes in Mint and Pearl Pink color selections and is, by far, the best choice for those who have very sensitive gums and teeth --- or simply those who like to do less work when brushing and are very gentle, sensitive “brushers” altogether. Two brush heads already come included, and like with the other brushes offered here, it comes with a warranty good for two years as well as a 10 year quality guarantee overall. It’s durable and wants you to know it! Try it out….. 


This one’s a little less priced than the last one we just looked at, but that’s not a bad thing at all. In fact, it offers the same value, all in all. It comes in Summer Sky and Wild Strawberry colors, giving you two amazing choices to pick from among, and it also includes 265-day charging capabilities. It’s a great one for kids to fall in love with, encouraging them to want to brush their teeth and see it as a fun activity as well.


This dynamic, dual-design, enhanced version of the Foreo electric toothbrush can even surpass the charge time of the previous one, going up to a full year on one charge alone: That’s 365 days of amazing power from one hookup! Mint, Pearl Pink, Cool Black and Cobalt Blue are the color options it makes available. Plus, with this one, you get a smooth ergonomic feel and design; it’s a winner in my book…...


Now then, this one’s lightning fast and ultra potent, all at the same time, not to mention visually appealing and smooth to the touch. It’s got the “magic” all around, and it shows it off as such. First off, this one comes in Wild Strawberry, Enchanted Violet, Mango Tango

and Summer Sky. Secondly, it’s smaller mini look and design are cuter than ever, perfect for pre-teens and older children alike --- they, in fact, praise it!


Two unique electric toothbrush types otherwise not offered by Foreo are seen here. And “two is more powerful than one” as they say. Here, you get both and with some travel pouches, scratch card, magnetic chargers, manuals and more…..


There’s not much to say on this one. It’s simplistic in design and feel, thereby targeting like-minded users. It offers Cool Black, Mint, Cobalt Blue, and Lavender colors. It’s comprised of soft silicone and is gentle on the gums…..


It’s slogan is “more than an electric toothbrush”. And it’s true. It offers 

gum-massaging and is ultra-hygienic & soft. It comes in Mint, Lavender, Cobalt Blue, and Cool Black…..


This one’s the same as the ISSA MINI 2 we looked at. Except it’s for ages 5 and up, specifically. It’s a tiny bit smaller, too…. 


This one’s a proud past winner of the Mom’s Choice Awards. It marries comfortable style with ergonomic excellence, putting the best of both in one package. Children love it as well, and that’s what matters most! It comes in Bubble Blue, Kiwi, Sunflower Yellow, Pearl Pink and Fuchsia; it’s made for ages 0-5. 


This one cracks down on plaque, and that alone is perhaps its top quality. Not only that, but it’s incredibly gentle on your gums at the same time. It uses the best of the latest Sonic Pulse Technology and can give you a maximum of appx. 800 uses before you have to charge it again ---- cool, right? And you can get it in Pearl Pink, Cool Black, Summer Sky, Cobalt Blue and Wild Strawberry. 

The results

Here, of course, we get whiter, brighter teeth, along with the courage to show them to anyone we come across. We also get an amazing product that gives us a sense and feel of true luxury, at least when we’re in the bathroom twice a day. That’s how often you need to use the electric brush to brush your teeth, by the way ---- remember that rule, and all should be well. Pick and choose, as you see fit, and remember to have some fun….. 

More on the matter and our final word…..

We’ve looked a bit at the Foreo brand, its products and some things to consider. Now, it’s your turn. What would you like to do with this information ---- purchase a Foreo electric brush, or pass on the opportunity? Consider if this type of brush is best for you, not forgetting to account for factors like charge time, plaque control potential and brush colors offered. And remember: There’s not always a right or wrong answer, but in some cases, you may just need to “feel it out” in order to determine a fit.