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How Much Does A Retainer Cost?

By: Your One and Only, Online Dental Expert - Writer, Mr. Efrain E. Silva!

Money, money, money…. everything is about a price, and money, no? Everyone will charge something. And for retainers, I have seen that $150 - $800 is a fair range, depending on the one you get. Some, they say, can even work miracles…. he he heh…. others, of course, are just listing that much – higher price point in an attempt to rip you off and fool you. So keep your eyes open.

Now, then, let me share with you this —- if you want to go on the cheap side of things, you can go with a Hawley retainer, which will start you at about $150 per retainer. Not bad. But that price can ride up to about $600, as I have seen in some other places. Now, on another hand, if you just so happen to want to be getting something a little more upper hand, as we like to say around here, like for instance in the way of something like a ‘replacement - clear retainer’, then know that you, in all cases, are going to have to simply just pay somewhere between $400 and $800 at the end of the day…. so just think long and hard about that and only you can determine if the cost is worth it for what you want. No one else. So take time to really ponder the decision and do nothing rashly.

Now, of course, I was referring to something like what an Invisalign retainer can offer you, which will always cost that extra few bucks, like I said. But the difference in quality is more than notable. You are not just getting anything cheap or basic, or in some cases, even made in China, he he heh…. but rather something well – built and a bit harder to acquire, which I think is always worth it. Pay a little more and get something of greater value, I always like to say here. Also, an Essex type of retainer, similar to that of an Invisalign one, can cost anywhere within that same range of $400 to $800, all in all. You just have to look, barter a bit, bargain and repeat…. it is amazing what you can find, and how you can save a few bucks here and there, when you simply choose to hustle your game. So to speak. Know how to negotiate, too ; it sure helps as a skill to have. And all in all, know what’s in the market, what the market price currently “lingers at” ( but it can change, volatile as the markets are these days, he he he heh ) and never settle for anything above market price and under market value, at the end of the day. Settle your terms. Know what you’re paying for.

And also, an ortho expert, or an orthodontist, will up – charge you on a Hawley retainer. A dentist will not. Know that.