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Toothpaste To Keep Glasses From Fogging

Author : Efrain S.

Read my blogs, and especially this one, if you want to stop fogging it up, as we say, he he he heh. Reading this brings the best out in all of us, I would add, so take the time to follow this approach, step – by – step. And share it with some friends. That is all I would ask, ha ha. Now, anyways, let me start with showing you my approach and the first step to really avoid getting your glasses all foggy, all the darn time, which I am sure you are super sick of, at this point, right? I would be too. ( I used to get annoyed in the winter time especially, until I got contacts, but that is a whole nother story. ) Anyways….

So first of all, as you may or may not know right now, temp changes in the air around you are what cause these fog ups, and the lens on your glasses are super sensitive to that. Hence the fogging. Now, then, many people suggest all sorts of things, toothpaste itself being one of the most popular solutions online these days. It is just amazing, or mind – blowing, actually, to think about all the dang ways that you can use toothpaste for BESIDES the usual brushing of those pearly white teeth, he he he heh. toothpaste, it has been discovered in recent days, can even help clean up the visibility on some scratches of your car, heal blackheads from your face if you suffer from it, clean your metal or jewelry, and heck, a ton more stuff than that. It is phenomenal that a product made for your teeth can be so beneficial for other areas of your life, as an unknown ‘life hack’ until recent years, he heh… and here we are in the modern age, in which anything can thrive and there’s a quick fix for every issue. Don’t you just love this time we’re in, ha ha? I know… I DO!!!

So to make this work, you want to put a small little glop of the toothpaste, hopefully a plain and white kind, which is best, on the smallest finger of your hand ( your pink, silly, he heh ) and a couple drops of water ought to be added on that. Then, you smear in a circular motion, all over the lenses on both sides ( front and back, of course ) . Then you rinse it all with warm – to – very – mildly – hot water under your personal bath - room sink. There is something in the toothpaste itself and its formula, they say, that really helps the cleaning work like a charm…. it is not perfect, and will not always work especially if the cold temps drop really really low all of a sudden, but it ought to keep you fog – resistant for at least a while. So try it out.