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The PURETTA - Toothpaste Dispenser

( also UV Toothbrush Sterilizer )

An Intro. / Description of the product

Holding its own as the very first multifunctional toothpaste sterilizer, this special product can truly revolutionize the modern dental age, not to mention the countless needs of all its users and customers everywhere. It all begins with setting the stage, and that is what this product does: It does so for all that is to follow; speaking of which, and to further illustrate, did you know that this unique item is the very first in its class to get an in-depth review, and on this page nonetheless?

What’s more is this: The UV sterilizer and dispenser is considered by many as the “all-around best” on this site, for all it can do and so much more. The product currently sells in the U.S. and can even ship to other countries, respectively. It is fully available for viewing online, through numerous different “angled picture shots”, offering anyone a closer look. There’s nothing to hide.

Why it is the best toothpaste dispenser ever

This product is the best on the market due to one single word alone, and that is quality. To say that this is just “merely a good dispenser” and not much more, would also be to say that Michael Jordan was just an “ok” basketball player, and with this I think you get the point. The product, much like the brilliant designers and manufacturers behind it, bases itself on quality. It’s approach and durability, even its interior and exterior material composition, will reflect the same.

Now we come to another word: The F word, and no, not the one you’re thinking of right now; this time, we’re talking about the features. And when you put the first two words together, you get quality features; that’s right --- the features make the quality, and the quality makes the features, so without one, you can’t have the other here. That’s what makes this product so insanely amazing, but wait, there is in fact more.

Next, we have the ratings, another core word we can’t go without. It is, after all and in the end, the ratings that define any product. The people don’t lie. The testimonials and consumer ratings are what they are, for a reason, and with this product, they’re quite high!

Description & features further assessed

Did you know that this Grade A product promises to eliminate more than 99.9% of all bacteria and germs, making it a Top Pick of the Year as well? In fact, even the 99.9% attributed to its bacteria-killing effects is perhaps an understatement, so you get the idea. These claims are both tested and certified, not merely good suggestions or potential: This product’s ad research is backed by facts!

More so, it’s one of the few to use infrared inductions to detect body movements occuring within a meter of its charging station. As such, the white and blue indicators built-in can postpone sterilization until after people leave the room. Think “two hours after” and you’ll get the picture here. In fact, this super sterilization incorporates a 253.7nm UV light that allows bacteria to die. Some even fade the moment the light touches them.

Also, a a thick ABS plastic material makes this product, and this itself is a guarantee that it will last quite long. Durability is its promise. This, of course, saves you money on having to buy a new one every three-to-five years. Think long-term.

But that is not all; no, it never is --- for did you know this product doesn’t require external cables for regular plugging, as nearly every other competing product does? In fact, with this one, the water hazards involved become an issue of the past, to say the least. Plus, the kids around it are 100 percent safer than before, and that’s a fact! No more spills, no more messes, no more electrical cord shocks, and no more worry!

Additionally, this product offers its own multiple-storage rack, allowing one to conveniently place a maximum of four toothbrushes, one tongue scraper, a shaver, and even a packet of toothpaste. Since these pieces can hang on the rack, they do not get wet and stay neater, more organized and more visually appealing as well. We are not done yet --- this bacterial-killing product is also 100 % solar-powered. How do you like that?

More background on the product - Where it comes from, where it’s headed, and so much more

This product is one in a brand line of several, that of Puretta. This trusted household product provider of several years holds plenty of reputable expertise in its field, but not only that, is continually on the move behind new, radical, sensational ideas that will impact the quality of life for many. This toothpaste dispenser is even a part of a special Kickstarter campaign, hosted by the company, in efforts to raise awareness of the need and overall knowledge of the product as a viable solution.

The campaign already has 16 persons in full support, but that number quickly grows by the week: The goal is always to have more and more, as upward progression should be the determinant behind the growth of any business great or small; that is why the Puretta team will not stop in its efforts, and it does certainly look like they’ve got a key player in their hands --- this special dispenser. One may pledge $1 or more and join the team. One may also pledge $49 or more as part of an early bird special.

Closing thoughts

I guess, then, it’s no surprise to see why such a high-selling product has eventually made its way onto numerous media featurings and special recognition coverage pieces, such as those of Digital Trends, DRR, Techable, The Verge, Daily Times Leader, Plugon, Medworm and countless others. It’s a revolutionary new product that can save you time, electricity, and overall health. It’s eco-friendly; it’s health-inducing; it’s visually appealing. Don’t wait another day. Get one today!