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Why Do Dentures Look Fake?

Author : Efrain S.

For one, if you notice your dentures looking super fake, even more fake than the dentures of other people you see every day, then you might want to think hard on this one fact — it is because they are more likely than not…. cheap. Cheap dentures are often poorly made and do not resemble the ideal look for any of the people who wear them…. teen, adult or other – wise. It is just a cheap product that gives you a bad look, all in all, and hundreds of people have already complained. But thanks to modern medicine and science, and the good that can come from them, many are speaking of doing away with the traditional denture and going with something more modern and visually befitting in just the next 20 years alone…. so let us all stay tuned for that, but I do have more to say on this here….

So, like I said, and to further re – note this, a fake denture will look fake simply because of the teeth itself. What I do mean is this, guys : polymethylmethacrylate, other – wise more easily known as PPMA ( thank God we are not required to say that one ten times fast, he heh… I know I would lose that competition for sure, on any given day, he heh he heh ) , is what mainstream “economy dentures” tend to be comprised out of, 9 times out of 10. They’re cheap to make and easy to make, so it’s easy to mass produce them, in turn, as well…. something you did not think on, eh? Yup. It’s all a numbers game here as I have witnessed first – hand and written about in other places. Now, the base of the denture, as well as its teeth, are all made of this…. so basically the whole denture.

The problem is that this synthetic material, produced in a lab, is not natural at all and thus looks artificial or fake, just as it is ( and it looks, in turn, much different from what your natural teeth – gums actually look like, truth be told ) . And since these products get quickly and cheaply mass – produced to look the same, with no real detail or additional quality or care put into them, you get something that looks and is fake…. and so many hundreds of people wear it and are aware of it. That is a problem.

But there are, of course, certain experts that have wanted to tackle this issue with their nose to the grind stone… and some have already begun a proper solution on it by offering, for instance, denture bases that do not look as fake. They are experts at using special layering at other kinds of techniques to, at the least of the least, offer the denture – wearer a more natural look in the end ( dentures still looking somewhat fake but not half as fake as usual, or that blend in more naturally, if that makes sense ) .