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How To Clean Jewelry With Toothpaste

Author : Efrain S.

You want to go all – out and get the best type of toothpaste you need to make it a full effect, and that, my friend, would be a very basic type of toothpaste from the non – gel family, he he he heh…. yup, do not get a gel toothpaste, I beg you, if you really want to do this the very best way you can ( and I know, in my heart of hearts, that you do, dear reader ) .

Now first of all, you want a mild abrasive kind of toothpaste, too ( and I hope you are taking notes, he heh ) . Get a pasty white sort of toothpaste if you can… yes, the white kind. And from there, put a little dab of it on to your finger, your toothbrush ( not the same one that you clean your own teeth with, of course not… but I actually suggest you get another new and unused toothbrush that you can use just for this ) and then rub all the areas of the jewelry very gently and neatly, going in an orderly fashion so as to cover all the areas and not miss a single spot, he heh. You can also even put the small dab on some cloth, a small piece of toilet paper or paper towel, or even a towel… whatever you like, that you can get your hand around and gently scrub with. Rub around and scrub, nicely and gently, and not too firmly. And if it helps you, think of wax on, wax off, from Karate Kid Part I, and move your hand in a circle when you scrub away….. just as if you are neatly and gently cleaning up the windows of the old 1984 Miyagi car, he he he heh. Seen that movie? I suggest you think about doing so right now, since it’s a classic ( just like the car they used, and the cleaning method of wax on, wax off ) and it can show you how to visually clean in a circular, simple, gentle motion, if nothing else… he he he heh.

You can also bring out a little spray bottle, load it with water, and spray it on the jewelry to start dampening it up a bit and make the toothpaste’s effect on it a bit better. Prepare it for the toothpaste, in other words. Moisten things up and let it soak in the towel / toothbrush, etc. with toothpaste.

Rinse things off with some mild, warm kind of water. Clean, dry and buff it all up, and you should see the jewelry shine with a new splendor as thanks for your efforts. You will see it with your own eyes and know that the time you took to do this was worth it. It ought to be. All jewelry is special and truly brings out the best.