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Listerine Advanced Defence - Gum Treatment for Gingivitis

Author : Efrain E. Silva Guys (and ladies, too, who might be reading this), let me go ahead and tell you the cold, hard truth of the matter, which is this : Your teeth are a very sensitive and important function of your body, and a very rare function they hold. The longevity and health of your overall body really does, at times, depend on your oral health ; many times, if you swallow down germs or bacteria, it affects your stomach area as you ingest, affecting the kidneys, bladder and other parts when it all goes down (ever heard of the mind - gut connection as well?). This can affect your performance at work, your emotions, your thought - life patterns and so much more when you are not aware, and that is why it is of the most important nature that you get the right oral care products — something not toxic but organic. Yet if you can not afford something like that, per say, then a more cheap product like this one might best suit you and help you cut costs. But at what cost, I say?

Either way, you guys know me, by now, and you know that I like to do both positive and negative reviews on products or other things as it’s appropriate. And in this case, I need to be honest with you as you also know I never, ever sugar - coat. I really don’t like this product for a whole arena of reasons, but I hope you can at least know a bit about it in case you are still sold on it or have one at home…you can at least know how it might benefit you (in my opinion, only by saving you money and effort on finding something more organic and without bad ingredients, but of course, as we like to say, to each and every one his own). This product doesn’t hide that it has sorbitol in it, which is really not good at all — in fact, one of the leading ingredients in depression and anxiety in so many folks. It’s also got a strong batch of Ethyl Lauroyl Arginate HCI (LAE) as 0.147 % w / w in it.

As if that were not bad enough, they throw in some sucralose in to the whole mix — could it get worse? Yes it can. Poloxamer 407 is in there as well as Sodium Benzoate and a few other baddies. The item is intended, all in all, to help fight gum infections and diseases of varied forms, but the problem is, at what cost does it do so? It naturally kills off all bacteria in the mouth (even the good bacteria, yup, you read it right). The chemical ingredients, artificially produced, are not intended for your optimal health and are so darn strong that they kill off everything they wash through….even some of the organic bateria - tissue cells that often re - grow when depleted, but they affect their ability to re - grow.