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So, your toothpaste has expired. You could keep using it but you know its effectiveness won’t be optimal. You could throw it away but that doesn’t seem like a good idea either. It would just be so wasteful. Fear not, there are other options still. Several alternative uses exist for toothpaste and they are perfect for that expired tube you found in your bathroom. So don’t worry if your toothpaste’s expiration date has passed. There are other options.

expired toothpaste

Clean the Sink with Expired Toothpaste

The first option would be to use it to clean your bathroom sink. Actually, you could use it to clean just about any sink, or even the bathtub if you wanted. The bathroom sink does come to mind first because it is usually one of the first things right in front of your face every time you use toothpaste. So take advantage of the natural abrasives and silica in your toothpaste and use it to clean the sink.

Use Toothpaste to Clean Your Hands After Expiration

The second option would be to use it to clean your hands. But wait, don’t we have normal hand soap for that? Why use toothpaste? It seems a little weird. Well sometimes regular hand soap just doesn’t do it and you need a little something extra. We all get sweaty palms sometimes. Worst case, our hands might smell bad, best case, they just don’t feel as fresh. Either way, every now and then you might want something the does more to make your hands feel fresh and clean. Toothpaste is exactly what you need. The same ingredients that freshen your breath work great to freshen your hands. Your hands will feel extra fresh and clean. Don’t use it every time you wash your hands of course but every once in a while it is good. You wont have to fee bad about throwing away that expired tube of toothpaste.

expired toothpaste cleaning sink - alternate uses for toothpaste after expiration

Old Toothpaste for Old Shoe Polish

Another idea some people had come up with was to use it to clean scuff marks you leather shoes. It has been know to be effective. Is it as effective as actually using shoe polish? Probably not but if you don’t have any on hand and don’t feel like buying any this could be a good way to not waste your old toothpaste tubes. I personally don’t know if I would trust it but who knows maybe someday I’ll try it. Then again, I generally don’t have very many tubes of toothpaste that expire on me.

Use it to Clean an Iron

Do you still iron your own cloths at home? Of course you do. Have you ever noticed how over time the iron tends to build up a gummy residue? Have you ever wished you had a good way to clean that off? Well, that just happens to be another thing that you can use expired toothpaste for. It works great because it is an abrasive. Pro tip: make sure the iron is turned off and that it isn’t hot when you attempt to clean it. Believe it or not more than one person has burned themselves not just by trying to clean a hot iron but trying to do so with toothpaste. The toothpaste doesn’t necessarily make it any more or less dangerous of course.

Clean Crayon from the Wall with Crest or Colgate

Do you have kids? Do they draw all over the walls with crayon? If you answered yes to the first question then you will probably have answered yes to the second one as well. Chances are, it isn’t super easy to get crayon out and there aren’t that many obvious, easy solutions. Well, thats where expired toothpaste comes in again. Just put a little on a paper towel and scrub it out. The wipe it all off with a second, wet paper towel. That is it, another use for toothpaste that has gone paste its expiration date.

People have come up with even more creative ideas that this. For example HERE.