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Why Do Dentures Hurt?

Author : Efrain S.

I basically said something like this to my dentist after he put in my dentures super fast and did not take the time to check them ( super cheap dentist, by the way, but I’m never sacrificing quality again, especially after ALL THAT THE DENTURES HURT ME. It caused a lot of pain ) …..

“Why does it hurt so much?”

And at the time, they really did not have any type of a solid answer for this, that was going to send me home with less worry or concern. In fact, all I noted was them rudely brushing off my answer and dismissing it on a whim…. saying it was purely something that people need to go through when they enter this life and have dentures. Really? Wow. I, for one, was shocked. At the time, and I was a whole lot younger, then, I said something like, “Well, I guess if you or your staff do not know what they are doing, then I will have to take my business elsewhere unless you can give me a solid answer”.

You could tell – I was a bit pissed. And I trusted this guy and his rude staff. Now, I will say this : Dentures ( and I did not know this at the time ) WILL hurt, regardless of who did them right or wrong and how much you paid or didn’t. But they should hurt less, and a true pro ( licensed, verified, with good reviews, etc etc ) should work on them, not just anyone with a little dental experience. I had told this guy and his team EXACTLY how I wanted the dentures to look and feel as well as to have metal attachments ( and even how I wanted his office to treat me and my brother, if we were to return there again and refer others to his practice ) and they did the opposite. But, oh, well.

Now, dentures, like I said, WILL hurt, due to these facts :

Most of the time, people need to adjust their dentures if the pain is beyond ordinary and gets to what they call ‘red level extreme’. And in that case, you might even need an emergency dentist visit if it is beyond coping with, to be quite frank.

But in most cases, you either need to wait out the pain or just let things adjust. It can be a waiting game, and that is for sure. Hope this has helped!