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Best Toothbrush For Travel

By: Your One and Only, Online Dental Expert - Writer, Mr. Efrain E. Silva!

There’s dozens upon dozens of great travel tooth – brushes these days, all made in mind with the idea of convenience, of course. So picking out a single one today was, for me, a bit of a challenge. Yet I like such challenges. So let’s talk….

I just so happened to be talking to my very best friend on this same topic the other day ( it feels like it was just yesterday for some reason, since the issue still lingers in my mind to this day, he he he he heh ) , as a matter of fact. Believe it or not. And while he did not agree with me at all, we agreed to dis – agree. I thought the very best travel tooth – brush of this modern age, as I have used it many times and admired it, was this one : RADIUS Tour Travel Brush & Case with Replaceable Brush Head ADA Accepted Toothbrush Improve Gum Health - Purple Orange Red - Pack of 3: Beauty

He, on the other hand, thought it was another brand from another model. A totally different tooth – brush than this one. I, however, stick to my point and view and would like to tell you why I like this convenient tooth – brush so much and why it can serve you in travels and much more, so let me get started with that next point ( keep reading, please ) …..

So, then, let me just go ahead and say this to you : it’s made in the USA, supporting our economy, and helping keep its costs down ( which, for a tooth – brush of this quality, $18.99 is actually a great deal…. that is what Amazon sells it at right now, as I look on its page ) . And not only that, but it also comes in a pack of 3, or a single, however you want it…. and for colors, you also get 3! So choose : do you like red, orange or purple? These are the basic standard colors for it, and I will attest that it still looks good in either one of the 3. So take your pick!

But also, this tooth – brush has a wood – based material sort of handle, which makes it special. And not only that, but its bristles alone are completely vegetable – based as well. No lie. It’s eco – friendly, too, having no petroleum, latex, BPA, etc. It even has no phthalates in it, which is also a major plus. So why not?

And with such simple make and material, it can travel and be placed just about anywhere. No issues with the TSA either. Heck, it’s also of a compact size and made to fly. Also, if you need more evidence, the ADA itself has spoken ( AMERICAN DENTAL ASSOCIATION ) , saying it’s a top – choice for a tooth – brush.