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Can Someone Tell You Have Dentures When Kissing?

Author : Efrain E. Silva

These are usually not super - noticeable in most cases, at least not right away. You have to start spending time with someone before they really notice your subtle little flaws or nuances. It’s not immediate. People aren’t looking for dentures when they see your mouth or observe your face. So with all this said, Can someone tell you have dentures when kissing?

That is the true question, is it not? Just picture this : You are going out with that perfect person you have always had a thing for, and now, it’s going to be a nice, romantic dinner by the beach walk…or something to that effect. You want to take things to the next level but are not sure if your denture might come a little loose, or be so already, and you do not want them to know about it or that this is the real reason keeping you back from leaning in for that kiss, in case it falls off or flaps around on the inside as you guys passionately french - kiss. Who would want to have to make a tough choice like that one? I know that I certainly would not.

If, on a new note, you are worried that the dentures are actually going to hurt someone when you kiss, even most passionately, you should not be worried about that (I can sense your great sigh of relief as you just read that last sentence). It won’t hurt, really. It may be a bit uncomfortable for you, if it falls out, of course, and you will feel it right away. But that is a whole nother issue of its own.

Since these dentures already affect you in other areas, such as when you talk, or when you chew down food, it is somewhat likely that, given the depth to which you have spent time with this other person and how well they have come to know you and notice subtle details about you, this may come up. Be honest with yourself. Face the fact. They may not kiss you because of it. OR they may take a chance on it, if you’re gold material and they really, really like you regardless of that ; or you might fall somewhere in the middle and they might kiss you but not a full - blown, deep kiss with tongue and all (if you know what I mean). Or, heck, on that same note, they might just kiss you and not even know the dentures are in there (or even think they are a problem). These are all different scenarios you ought to think in your mind, because one of these listed is likely going to happen. And if worse comes to worse, you are not going to get kissed on that particular date, but it is not the end of the world.

You’ve heard of Invisalign, too, right? There are all kinds of products like these today. And you can get something super transparent and crystal in its look that it almost camouflages your dentures. Try it.