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Fixodent Vs Poligrip

Author : Efrain S.

Both products take users by storm and continue to sell out, which is interesting to say the very least….. and new studies conclude newer findings by the hour. Both can do different things and offer different benefits. Let’s look a little closer….

What I really like about Super Poligrip Free Denture Adhesive Cream, first of all, is that it prides itself in devoidance of any toxic dyes or zinc itself, not to mention all sorts of other mainstream artificial flavors that are so common in others these days. So that is a win win, there! Its long – lasting hold is perfect as an adhesive, as well, and is super secure…. so 9.9 times out of 10, as I like to say, you can be darn tootin’ sure that no dentures are just going to slip out of their top or bottom spots and fall / break no the ground because the adhesive did not do its job properly or was cheaply conconcted. Nope. Like I said, not the case here. You’ve got a solid one altogether, and that is worth taking note of, I’d add.

Any zinc – free adhesive, I would argue, is optimally best in terms of health. Zinc is just not good for you. And if sticks to your mouth’s roof, gums, teeth, it can be more toxic and harder to get rid of, at the end of the day. So avoid zinc, just as a little side note.

Also, keep in mind the fact that the Fixodent Extra Hold product, while not devoid of zinc and other toxic materials, is still pretty strong… and in terms of its grip hold and strength, some consider it a bit stronger than Poligrip. But would you really want to compromise on your health, given everything that I have just mentioned to you in that last paragraph? I plead ( I am on my knees, literally, as I write this and beg it of you, he he he heh ) not to go with the Fixodent, for this reason alone. I implore you to please heed my cautionary statements, which is the very reason I write them. Please listen.

Now, then, also, and to further state, zinc poisoning has been proven to cause permanent neurological damage as countless modern claims and scientific studies have also noted. These are people of professional credentials who ought to be listened to as well. If you Google more on this, you can find, in full scope, all the data and insights behind this, not to mention countless journal entries by modern publications of great respect.

Which of the two is best, then? You have been told, he heh, now it’s your move : Fixodent has a stronger hold but is not nearly as healthy as Poligrip, at the end of the day. But you must pick based on what YOU think, my friend, and you have all my best wishes in this matter. Choose for yourself : You got this!