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What Kind of Metal is Used in Dentures?

Author : Efrain E. Silva

You’re probably wondering what kind of metal was used in your dentures.

Answer: probably cobalt and chromium

If it’s a removable partial denture then it is more than likely going to be using none other than a base metal alloy of some sort like chrome. With cobalt. That is the short and sweet, simply reply here but there is more that we ought to at least be mindful of, as well…..

First of all, I want you to give full ear to the fact that for the last 6 + decades (60 + years in the U.S.) alone, this has been at the fore - front of what has been used ; it’s been, you could say, the primary kind of metal behind all metal dentures and it has worked quite well as so. You may find plenty of chromium, along with some nickel, in most of these. Now, when it comes to talking your ear off (or should I say writing your ear off? Ha hah) just a bit further as to the specific alloy itself, let me note that you could either be looking at something “alloy - free” or “alloy - containing” with these metal dentures. There is, as experts have claimed in many articles and news headlines alone, a somewhat - serious biocompatibility hazard that comes into play in the alloys themselves, and thus, any materials made from them or containing them, respectively.

And as opposed to being made entirely out of nothing less than some cheap - quality acrylic, like plastic dentures are, these metal dentures, given their framework and intense durability, tend to be the better fit, all in all….especially so if you wish to hide any natural teeth behind them (those that have not fallen off yet, he he heh). As a side note, most of the metal dentures you can have usually come with clasps, made of metal as well, which not only support the position and frame of the denture itself but certainly also help to keep it aligned in its rightful and respective home (within your mouth) as needed, perfectly coordinated to keep it right there in its assigned area, so to speak. These metal clasps, or wires, prevent any improper rotating as the denture stays firmly packed in place ; and, of course, this clasp part of the overall denture is super important, and is made, like I said, of metal also, no less…anything of a weaker substance, and it can easily crack.

Now when it comes to less gagging, the firm and durable metal components of your metal denture is far superior, as well, and you can get, as a result, so much less gagging with this type of denture. It is harder for it to fall further back into your mouth, too. And by the way, did you even mention that food can taste a whole heck of a lot better when you are wearing a metal denture over a plastic one? The acrylics in plastic ones cover your mouth’s inner roof, and that is why. So choose metal, anyways. Now you know what it’s made of.