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Weleda Toothpaste

Anyone who simply looks up this term, “Weleda toothpaste”, in Google, can quickly see a few things. The first involves more than 3,400,000 search results showing up, as well as 0.51 seconds or less in ideal search time; also, interestingly enough, it appears this product’s line of toothpaste is increasingly popular among various age groups of consumers worldwide…..

Some Notes

There are a few things to note about this toothpaste and its greater brand as a whole.

Many know Weleda’s particular type of toothpaste as “the kind that makes their teeth feel clean” as well as the “saltier kind”. Both statements are backed with some factual evidence as the toothpaste is diverse and well known to do both, in turn, respectively. It’s a one of a kind toothpaste made by a one of a kind supplier, which you won’t find anywhere else.

The company and brand name of Weleda itself carries an ever richer and deeper, longer lived origin story, one dating back to around 1921. It was a time in which pharmaceuticals and plant gardening businesses were only beginning to truly thrive and show their limitless potential. At this time, Dr. Rudolf Steiner, Dr. Ita Wegman, and numerous team scientists began their work on the first-ever products made synergistically, with efforts to naturally tap and reconnect the human body’s natural rhythms. They’ve come a long way as now the business is globally manufactured and certified as natural.

The Types of Toothpaste Offered

Salt Toothpaste - The first of its kind, this special toothpaste offers a world of salty flavor that you can only truly understand ---- for all its worth ---- after you’ve tried it. It’s a good salty feeling, not a “make you want to spit it out” or “too salty” type of feeling. The only way to know is to experience it for yourself. It’s made of a balance of general mineral cleansers and sea salt, offering sodium bicarbonate, glycerin, water (purified), light alcohol, esculin, numerous bark and root extracts, silica, and even other essentials taken straight from pure essential oils.

Ratanhia Toothpaste - Now, this type of toothpaste plays its own game of ball and is “a level above” many of its competitors in the organic toothpaste realm, and that alone says much. First of all, it supplies your most sensitive gums with everything they need to get stronger and healthier at the same time, all while not failing to offer a balanced dose of xanthan gum, essential oil flavorings, calcium carbonate, glycerin, magnesium aluminum silicate, and so much more. It uses raw materials and is fully fair trade approved, meaning it’s one of the most purely organic, untampered forms of toothpaste found on the planet.

Not only that, but you’ll also find that this toothpaste’s ingredients were sustainably sourced in Peru, a true investment into your health. Simply use it for at least two times per day, for 7 weeks or longer, and you’ll notice its refreshing changes in your mouth. Tooth decay, bad breath, gingivitis, plaque, tartar ---- they can all be gone with the proper application of this toothpaste and a little patience.

Calendula Toothpaste - Now we come to the wonderful, fully distinct, Calendula product. This one, much similar to the others we seek to look at more closely here, offers unparalleled dental care within a 75 ml tube. It’s mostly comprised of gentle plant extracts and light minerals.

Furthermore, this unique best-seller offers peppermint-free happiness and so much more. It’s found in both traditional and ornamental gardens alike, offering the best to both worlds in turn. It uses calendula as its main plant, as seen in the product’s name, a plant highly rich for its soothing, gentle properties when applied on the body.

Plant Gel Toothpaste - The Plant gel toothpaste here is also one of its kind, a true complement to the others we’ve just seen thus far. But it still offers a unique twist of its own, just as all others do. This time around, with this one, we can see that it supplies your mouth with a distinct combo of ingredients made to work best on sensitive teeth, especially for those with long-term sensitivities.

In fact, it mostly uses pure plant extracts to get the job done. Sensitive gums appreciate the soothing peppermint oil included as well as the slight “kick” of spearmint added. It’s mild yet refreshing!

Children’s Tooth Gel - For younglings with sensitive “milk teeth”, this product is more than perfect. It offers a quick and effective, non-fluoride solution (just like the others) but with silica, algin, and fruit and flower extracts. It’s main purpose is to be applied on the young child’s toothbrush at least two times every day, ideally once during the morning and once during the evening or nighttime.

It’s even suitable for vegans ---- or, let’s say, kids who don’t eat their veggies. After all, the creators of this product are parents too. They understand the need…..

Salt Toothpaste: Travel Edition - Combining the best of ingredients like prunus spinosa fruit juices, mentha piperita oils, krameria triandra root extracts, commiphora myrrha resin extracts, and others, this one’s not to be missed --- especially given the fact that it’s travel-sized and can go with you wherever you need it to. Be that in an airport, inside a purse or small bag at work, or elsewhere, it’s ready for action! And guess what? It also includes the likes of fully organic, GMO-free simmondsia chinensis seed oil as well as arum maculatum root extracts from the soil. It’s super healthy and effective!

Last Bit of Advice?

If you want to try a more salty flavor of toothpaste, then check Weleda out. It’s a good kind of salty taste it leaves in the mouth; many have come to enjoy this sensation offered every time they brush. Plus, they get to properly cleanse, detoxify and brighten all at the same time. Try it for yourself, and your teeth & gums may thank you for it. Give this toothpaste a shot!