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What are the Best Types of Dentures?

Author : Efrain E. Silva

If you’ve found your way here you are probably wondering what would be the best type of dentures. There are a few different things to consider.

If you are trying to make a decision you might want to take a look at these two articles we wrote:

All right, guys, let’s start this page - turning read off with a kick! If you have read and loved some of my other blog pages on this same site, click around. But before doing so, read this great one here as I am about to spill the beans……on what? Well, on denture types! Don’t go anywhere…..

So first of all, and I do write this as the very first ‘best’ denture of choice, in my own opinion (others have agreed, when I asked them, while others have not ; I guess that’s the way of things) : Give full dentures a run for their fancy money. These complete, more traditional sort of dentures have very seldom proven to be of little worth or guided their users wrong….that is, of course, once they have been issued and made by only the best dental health pros in the business. Can’t forget that part.

Now, why do I say that these are some of the very best types of dentures around? Well, that would be because they replace the full PICTURE, in other words, ALL your teeth. See the big picture.

Now, why ELSE do I say that these are some of the very best types of dentures around? Well, I’m glad you asked. Another benefit with these is that you do NOT have to even stop to worry, for a single second, about something like having to anchor a dental bridge to your current teeth, for instance. These full dentures, as a matter of gosh - darn tootin fact, sit right on your mouth’s gums like anxious movie - goers attending a midnight showing of the latest Left Behind blockbuster movie or so. Get the point? But also, you can have them easily put on only about 2 - 3 months right after all extractions or removals.

Get this as well : Partial dentures are the runner - up, at least in my book. They are like the 2nd best type of denture you can go for. You use them when you’ve still got a few original teeth left in their natural place ; the base piece attaches to a metal or acrylic base in these (depending on whether you chose to yourself a metal or plastic denture, metal being supreme). Convenient to use, easy to take out, partial dentures are what many people love, too. Did I mention they help keep certain teeth from moving around? And you can get them as acrylic or all - acrylic, to pick!

Snap - in dentures, I might quickly add, are also so great and one of the best types, too. Call them my third favorite, if you will. For stability needs, many consider these to actually top the others in overall effectiveness, so that says much. Implants or anchors hold them in, nice and secure, connected to your remaining place of your original teeth. If you’ve got enough bone left in that area, it’s no problem, usually, to get these in place.

So there we have it.