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How To Change The Battery In A Philips Sonicare Toothbrush

Author : Efrain S.

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Now, then, on to it…. how to change that battery on this model of toothbrush….

So first of all, my friend, I would want to point you out to the fact that it all starts with pulling out the brush head, which, of course, is at the top of the brush itself…. and in this model ( unless you’ve got the e – series version which involves screwing on and off ) you basically pull off the head ( or push it back on when you need it back in, later ) and it’s easy to do and takes a quick second. Just make sure it’s not jammed or rusted or has trouble coming off the handle, for any reason, in which case it might be time to get a new toothbrush altogether, he heh.

Pull away from that handle, and off it comes! Now that you have the brush head pulled out, what is next? Well, to answer that, you then want to pry the seal at the bottom of the toothbrush with something metallic like a wedge or small spudger tool…. pry until it comes loose, then pull it all the way off. It should look plastic and soft in this model, not too hard to nudge at or pry off. Then press that top shaft ( where the brush head used to be ) hard against some hard ground and the electronic battery portion will start to come loose…. keep going and just remove it once you can. Pull back on the 2 clasps holding the cap in place ; they should be black in color and very small. Then, pull out that cap and remove it.

Then after that, you want to look for the circuit board, of which you can see several pictures online ( just Google for it, typing in the name and model of the toothbrush, in this case the Philips Sonicare ) to help you locate it and see it in fuller detail with a break – down of each component, its name and what it does ( I found so much this way and learned some things I did not even know, he he he heh ) . Desolder the battery right off from it, and if you have never desoldered before, then Google how to do so, and also how to do so for this model…. some YouTube videos, I found, helped me. And I’m sure there are many more out there, now, since when I first searched…. watch a couple different ones until you feel you are comfortable enough to desolder it on your own. Good luck — I believe you can do it!