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Best Toothbrush For Work

By: Your One and Only, Online Dental Expert - Writer, Mr. Efrain E. Silva!

Best tooth – brush for work? Good question. Let me talk to ya….

First of all, I want to make it clear that having a tooth – brush with ya at work is not a bad idea at all… I know many other guys who keep an extra on them, at all times, just to save them some time from having to drive home on their lunch break, just to brush their teeth, which sounds like a silly idea, am I right? Why not have a tooth – brush and some tooth – paste right there at your desk with you? Or how about that big visit from corporate, in which your regional boss in going to be flying in this afternoon to check on your budget reports and your overall progress? I would think you would want to be in the best of ‘breath’ for when he comes in, am I right? Don’t let him smell that tuna you just had for lunch…. it can cost you, he he he he heh…..

So anyways, let me take a look at my best pick for this. This is the best tooth – brush that I have ever had with me at work. And I have taken a few different ones out there. But this one’s number one, at least, to me : Oral-B Pro 1000 CrossAction Electric Toothbrush, Black: Health & Personal Care

Now check this out, next….. first of all, on that note, I’d like to just stop and say that this same tooth – brush I’ve mentioned removes up to…. write this down and do not forget it…. 300 PERCENT more plaque than most. Now, several, on their label, will say that they remove up to 99 % or even 100 % ( in certain cases ) . But this one goes all the way further in saying that it fully removes plaque and leaves no room for it to come back. I will say it again for emphasis : 300 PERCENT! Wow. That is solid.

And this plaque is mainly found around the gum – line but can be noted in other spots, too, depending on your specific case. This tooth – brush takes out the plaque from those areas and all others. There is really, all in all, no place that it can not reach. And it is, of course, small enough to keep in your pocket, back – pack or even office drawer or desk. So it’s ideal to have with you at work. And not only that, but did you also know that it comes with a charger and all? And most bath rooms, somewhere, have an outlet ( which is usually conveniently found right by the sink and hand dryer ) in case you need to charge. So just go to the bath room at your work place, if you can, and let it charge up and be ready to brush your teeth right there during that lunch break.