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Tom's of Maine Ingredients

There are 38 different toothpaste products from Tom's of Maine. We will cover them all eventually but for now we are going to just compare the ingredients for two of them. You can learn about all of the ingredients they use on their website: HERE.

Here is an example of the ingredients that go into a typical tube of Tom’s of Maine toothpaste.

Fluoride-Free Travel Natural ToothpasteClean Mint Luminous White Toothpaste
--Sodium Fluoride 0.24% (0.15% W/V Fluoride Ion)
Hydrated SilicaHydrated Silica
Sodium Lauryl SulfateSodium Lauryl Sulfate
Natural FlavorNatural Flavor
Xanthan GumXanthan Gum
Benzyl Alcohol--
Titanium DioxideTitanium Dioxide

You can learn more from our other article here: Tom’s of Maine Toothpaste.