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Quietest Electric Toothbrush

Author : Efrain S.

“Hello, What do you plan on writing about? I am not looking for a generic story, it must be inspiring.”

If those were your thoughts, then I’d LOVE to share my story of how I found the QUIETEST ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH! Did you still need partial stories, blurbs on this, or the full experience? Either way, I’ve got ‘em…. plenty of funny and even weird moments, to share, on this toothbrush! But anyways, let me, for now, just share with you this story….

( And can I write it in 3rd person for you, while I am at it? He heh )

Anyways, once upon a time, like last week, I was browsing online for a quiet online toothbrush and came across the Sonicare Protective Clean 4100…. long story short, I bought it, and a few other models that are rated as “quietest” online as well. I tried them all, and lived happily ever after in my 1 – bd apartment flat – suite. The End!

Just kidding, ha. But there’s some more to talk about while I’ve got your attention here….

I liked this one better than the others I bought and now know that it is a keeper. Why?

Well, cause it’s got a 60 db rating…. meaning in decibels, it is quiet and drowns out other noise, so to speak, in my head. It makes my bathroom really really quiet, ha hah, and in the mornings, that may not be such a bad thing at all, now. And I only paid $ 50 for it, which makes it a whole heck of a lot cheaper than some other “quiet” top – rated ones out on Amazon. I had it rush delivered to my door, with the others I bought, and this was the first one I got to try. But if you are looking for a few others to compare with this one — and who knows? You might have a different taste and think a different one is quieter — then let me list a couple others for you to try….

They also say that the Oral - B Smart 1500, as well as the Quip toothbrush ( funny, but simple name for a toothbrush, I’d say, he he he heh…. the creator must have had a sense of humor, much like myself… if you get my quip, he heh ) are also rated as the best in terms of quiet toothbrushes. So check them out when you can, and yes, they are also listed on Amazon ( what isn’t, these days? He heh ) .

The impact of the noise or decibel output and rating, in case you were curious to know, is actually derived from the toothbrush’s handle and motor, in most cases. Did you know that? And Sonicare, Colgate, and Quip, for one, sure know how to design their toothbrushes! They mean business. You should check them all out.