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Hello!  If you’ve ever heard of the label store name of Benzodent but always wondered what you can do with it, what it is even made for --- or who --- or anything else, then this is the spot to be: You’ve come to the right place for this and more. We are about to explore the product in some depth so as to not leave you wondering the same question the next time you see this product on Google or search for something similar on any other search engine… let’s jump right in! 

What is Benzodent?

First of all, this is it, the moment of truth: Our question is about to be answered. Drum roll, please….all right, that’s enough!

Anyhow, Benzodent, folks, is a special pain relieving cream made for not just any area you feel the worst pain --- but a special one specifically. It’s made for the dentures and mouth. Ah, finally, someone comes out and makes a pain cream for oral care ---- God has heard our prayers after all these years!!!! But let’s talk a bit more about the product so you can truly get a “good whiff sense” of how it might serve your needs best or those of any loved ones around you….


First of all, Benzodent is 100% dentist approved and dentist recommended; the experts behind the product had to jump through quite the number of legal hoops in order to procure such an approval and widespread recommendation, all in all, so that’s full kudos to them. Not all other industry product manufacturers and their brand are able to achieve the same effect, as countless dozens get label rejected every single week upon application, so this alone speaks highly to the cause and utility of Benzodent everywhere. But there’s more.

Take into account the fact that this product is also great on braces, as well, and can offer that powerful temporary relief to all denture areas thereby affected, truly offering a healing wound in the midst of the battle, so to speak. BUT ALSO, ADA’s® Council on Scientific Affairs has had even more good things to say on the matter, respectively noting that the product also quite effective, in the short term, on ailments like mouth sores, canker sores, and so much more. And this U.S. made, U.S. based product is backed with all the latest evidence spanning thousands of user reviews and online case studies, in turn.

What is Benzodent Used for?

Before we jump into the headline content for this next sub point above, which I am sure you may be dying to know about already, let me mention this just really briefly. Benzodent® Analgesic Denture Ointment is the full, technical name of the product, by the way….in case anyone out there was wondering. Now let’s continue ---- this product is used to heal aching gums, teeth, and all areas in between, and it’s ideal suitable use is for those age 2 and older. Sorry, your newborn is not quite ready for the product, mother, but that’s a good thing…..

How to Apply Benzodent

If you have ever wondered how to apply Benzodent this person put together a video demonstrating how it is done.

Benzodent Ingredients

Benzodent Dental Pain Relieving Cream back of box ingredients

More Information

Benzodent’s main ingredient comes in the form of one of the most active pain relievers on the planet, which goes by the name of Benzocaine, and its held within a 20% concentration, most effectively. The same you’ll find stated right on the label each time. This amount does not waver much. And moreover, a few inactive ingredients are listed in this order as well: Cellulose Gum, D&C Red No. 30 Lake, Eugenol, FD&C Blue No. Lake, Oxyquinoline Sulfate, and Petrolatum. Overall, the product weighs less than a pound per tube and is highly lightweight, fitting in any purse or pocket as well. 


In addition, Benzodent is not typically found in all stores, but some like Walgreen’s and other common pharmacies do sell it both online and in-store. Try and see if you can price match to get the best deal whether online or at your local providers ---- the price ranges wherever you go, unlike with most other products of the same name. For some reason, this one tends to waffle in cost from seller to seller.

Perhaps it’s because each tend to sell it in a slightly different size; at least, that has been my experience from just looking online. I respect all other views, of course. Anyways, moving right along, did you know that this denture pain relief cream may also cause localized allergic reactions, which may vary in scope and feel, and that the user should discontinue if the symptoms only get worse? That’s a fact, so keep it in mind before using this product. 

If it happens to you, don’t let it take you by surprise. Just stop using it for awhile and go see your dental expert; or, heck, if you can, see them before using the product just to get their approval or disapproval beforehand. It can never hurt to ask first and be safe. The FDA has yet to report more of the adverse effects encountered upon using this pharmaceutical product labeled as a “drug”. Also, Benzodent is chemically manufactured and processed, so keep that in mind, too; as such, it will carry the adverse ‘allergic’ side effects listed just above, even though the ADA has already given it a full thumbs up. 

For those who use dentures and wish to use this product as well, all they need to do is simply remove the dentures first. Then, apply the cream. And then, wait for a few moments, ideally 5 - 10 minutes if you can wait that long, before rinsing and reinserting the dentures. Denture adhesives may still be used with this, too, in case the question crossed your mind. 

Also note that the use of this product may increase the risk for methemoglobinemia. If you have had methemoglobinemia in the past, ask your doctor first. Or seek an alternative without the risk. 

Final Thoughts

There you have it. That’s Benzodent in a nutshell. And for many, it works quite well!