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How To Make Your Dentures Fit Better

Author : Efrain S.

Ever wondered how you can really get a better and smoother fit going with those dentures? Do not worry. You are not alone. Many people really want to know about this, some of which have Googled the topic and landed on this page. He heh ….. for you lucky ones out there who fall within this category, I am here to share with you some stuff…..please read…..

First of all, one thing that surely helps, and so many times ( as countless dental patients have openly shared ) would be to fix your jaw bone if there are any current issues or irregularities with it, not to mention have it properly checked – out by a licensed pro from time to time. Now why is this so important to do, you might ask me? Well, friend, my answer to that would be none other than the fact that you must ask yourself, first of all, where your dentures actually get their full support from. Hmm…

That would be none other than your wonderful gum ridge, of course. And now something else to think on… where does that ridge itself get its support from? Hmmm…

That would be from your underlying jaw bone, of course. So it’s all connected and works together as a team, see? One relies on the other, and vice versa. So we’re looking at, by the way, so many factors that come into play here, like the shape and size of the jaw bone affecting the dentures, the quality and strength of the bone tissue, and so much else. See why it’s vital, now, to fix that jaw bone and jaw line? This will help to make your dentures a far better and more – lasting fit, secured and where they should be.

Not only that, but also this —- have you given any thought to the fact that jaw bone height and weight changes will also play a role in this, not to mention uneven surfaces that can tend to develop right across your jaw bone? Like I said, it is all amazingly connected, and not only that, but these ‘lumps’ or hard spots can pose as places where the jaw bone compresses unnecessarily or even folds over, limiting the denture’s positioning. Now you might also be wondering which type of oral care or dental experts might be trained to help assess such an issue and its approach? A good question, I say….

You want to find an expert by the name of ‘maxillofacial’ and many oral experts specialize in this as well. The services they offer, as a means to make your dentures fit in better, as a whole, can include bone grafting, tissue grafting, and even minor denture sizing / re – sizing appointments, to just name a few. They can help you get more stable, better – fitting dentures in the long haul, so check one out in your local area and get a quote.