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Fixodent: How To Apply

Author : Efrain S.

Applying Fixodent the wrong way or getting the wrong advice on this : Hmm… this has happened to me before and it is SO not fun. That is why, my dear friends and reader group, I want to show you a GOOD AND RIGHT WAY to do this, so I really hope you can give me your full eyes’ attention right this moment and put aside anything else that can serve as a brutal distraction from you reading all the way to the glorious end. As in these next few paragraphs, I want to tell you some things, in full trust and hope that you will listen and learn. That is my one and only goal for you, as it always is in my writings. Now, then, on to the main point….

So first of all, above all else, before even thinking ONCE about applying this good adhesive, you are going to want to halt back – wards and first CLEAN the dentures well. If you skipped this step, then that’s why I said you ought to stop and halt. Take a good jump back – wards, he he heh, and do this step first. Now that the dentures were well – cleaned through and through, with a proper denture cleaner and some actual warm – to – hot water running under the sink for a while ( see my other blogs for more on this, and how to clean the dentures, he heh ) , you can advance by applying the Fixodent cream right on to the top denture first. And in case you read that last blog I did on this, which talks on how to clean the dentures, this time we are going to go TOP DENTURE FIRST ( and not bottom one first, like when you pulled out the dentures after loosening them, he he heh heh ) in the sense that you apply the Fixodent onto the top one first. Interesting how it seems to go the other way around this time, is it not? I pay attention to those little details often and they really seem to make my day a whole lot more exciting than it could have gotten other – wise.

Remember to read the label, as well, and not apply any more ( not even a single glob or drop more ) than what it recommends, onto the denture. Start small — 3 to 4 dabs is usually ideal, and stay away from the edge ( of the dentures ) . Do the same with the lower denture, now, and open up your mouth nice and wide…. for it is time for them both, the upper and the lower, to come back in the mouth. You need to keep them in place at this point, so press them down together nicely and firmly. If you note any adhesive coming out of the right or left side of any denture, then you put too much adhesive on those dentures.